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Welcome to our February Newsletter
This edition has our latest updates, including customer insights and an update on recent events, as well as the latest information on webinars, Meridian and more .
Onset Updates

February in Australia, the summer holidays wind up, a new school term commences, and business gains traction as teams return to work. We still have a number of upgrades in progress including Aurizon, Qenos, Dyno Nobel, the University of Melbourne and Outotec. We've also got Multinet being established as a new site, following a data separation from United Energy, and w ork on the Sewer Service Diagrams (SSDs) Meridian vault continues with Sydney Water .

With Meridian 2019 being released this month, previous versions such as Meridian 2016 and earlier will move into 'Extended Support'. To ensure your organisation maintains a fully supported version, please contact us to commence planning and scheduling with our implementation team. The Supported Software and System Requirements documentation from Accruent is a good starting point, so let us know if you need these critical documents.

On the development side, our Contractor Portal has become an integral part of the on-premise solution at a number of sites, including Sydney Water, SA Water, Curtin University and the University of Melbourne. Thousands of external contractors are now pushing the feature set and this year we'll introduce PDF view and markup, in addition to full text search. As an alternative to hosting the OCP on your own web server, Meridian Portal provides a solution for project collaboration in the Cloud. Both of these portals are fully integrated with Meridian and offer a solution for asset owners outsourcing to external contractors and suppliers.

Accruent News
We attended the Accruent Synergy 2019 event in January to catchup on the latest developments and a preview of the Meridian 2019 release.

Accruent partners from around the world gathered in Athens for this year's event. Richard Warren (above) shared some insights as the Director of Product Management and we've shared some of these below.

A few of the latest Accruent webinars are now open for registration or available on demand:

With the rules around non-disclosure we can't go into great detail, but here are a few teasers on general direction to assist with your planning.

Meridian Server
This is the new name for the on-premise version of Meridian, as installed with most of our customer base. As a mature product, that's been around for almost 20 years, product development is focused on the web functionality and, more specifically, the PowerWeb client. Meridian 2019 ticks off a few of the remaining features from the desktop client, including the ability to copy references when creating a project copy. Stay tuned for more features as we debut the new release features in our next newsletter.

Meridian Cloud
As you'd expect, this is where a large amount of the development effort is focused, with bringing the Cloud product, hosted on Microsoft Azure, up to the rich feature set associated with the on-premise version. There are now a number of customers worldwide on Meridian Cloud and features such as CMMS integration, native CAD viewing and PDF rendering are being released during the first half of the year. Meridian Cloud is on a monthly update schedule, and not linked to the traditional annual upgrade cycle associated with Meridian Server.

Meridian Mobile
The base feature set of Meridian Mobile is now almost complete, with the ability to access offline documents being added in the first quarter of 2019. As mentioned in our last newsletter, property based filtering, comments and sorting were added to the mobile app last year. The ability to download documents before going to a region without connectivity has been the most requested requirement and, beyond this, feature implementation will largely be driven by user demand.
Water Companies join us at Ozwater '19

A few members of our team will be attending the Ozwater event in Melbourne in May. If your company will have representatives at the event, join us for a dinner where we'll discuss the Meridian implementation strategy adopted for Sydney Water, South Australia Water and Icon Water. Save the date of Tuesday, 07 May, and get in touch with us to reserve your seat at the table.

If you missed our strategy on taking utilities into the next decade, click on the following link to access our eBook.

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