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This edition has our latest updates, including customer insights and the latest webinars. We also have the latest information on Meridian, upgrades, and more.
Onset Updates
Evoenergy is now live with Meridian Explorer and Mobile. These field mobility solutions make Meridian available via secure web access and the mobile app, which is available for Windows, iOS and Android.

Let us know if you'd like our assistance in enabling Meridian Web and Mobile for your organisation!

Meridian upgrades completed so far this year include Queensland Rail, Sorbent, Multinet Gas, KCA (Kimberly Clark Australia), and VicTrack Properties .

We're also excited to announce that our OCP (Onset Contractor Portal) is now available on cloud. Now branded as Lunr , the portal is hosted on Azure and represents the next generation of this product's evolution. Check out the new Lunr website .
Meridian - BIM for Facility Management
Building Information Modelling (BIM) is becoming more prevalent in organisations pertaining to architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). BIM is also becoming increasingly important to building owners and operators (facility managers and real estate managers).

In fact, governments around the world are now mandating BIM use for public contracts and private clients are beginning to follow. This has led to the creation of a global standard (ISO 19650).

While BIM is widely used during construction projects, its real power lies in the end-to-end lifecycle management of a building.

Meridian and BIM

The construction industry has adopted 3D modelling and BIM as the standard, and BIM can benefit all stakeholders in the building lifecycle. However, the Owner/Operator is often not in the picture, causing them to miss important data required for facilities management, such as inspection requirements.

In this webinar, Rudi Pieters takes a close look at the needs of the Owner/Operator and explore how they can be addressed through BIM.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The challenges involved with 3D modelling and BIM standards.
  • How BIM standards can improve handover and make maintenance more efficient.
  • The problems and pitfalls of handing over engineering information to Operations & Maintenance teams.
  • How you can use Meridian to manage information delivery.
  • How to harness the power of BIM to take your facilities management to the next level.
Viewport Updates
Are you working towards operational excellence by linking the intelligence of disparate O&M systems within your organisation?

Watch this great explainer of how Viewport helps asset owners operate in a more efficient and safe manner by improving the way you work with operational information.

Viewport provides a single point of access that connects and adds value by aggregating data from multiple data sources. Tag/document references in Meridian drawing data are connected to systems including SharePoint, SAP & Maximo to improve efficiency, safety and compliance of a plant or facility.
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