Welcome to our July Newsletter
This edition has our latest updates, including customer insights and updates. We also have the latest information on Meridian, Lunr, and Viewport, and we continue to introduce our team members.
Onset Updates
Welcome to our July update.

Meridian upgrades are now complete with Lochard Energy, Boyne Smelters, and Tronox; and in progress with Curtin University and BHP. On the project side, we've assisted Sydney Water with its BxP project to introduce the SAP Ariba portal and we're currently assisting BHP with the Meridian/SAP integration. Additionally, there's a new business workflow for Queensland Rail and scoping of new document types for Powerco - so it's great to see the system being used and pushed to add value by improving productivity.

With Meridian 2021 well established, and the R2 update coming online, it's a good time to start planning and scheduling this year's upgrade, so please contact us if you'd like to start the discussion.
New Branding
You may have noticed our new logo at the top of the newsletter!

We're about to kick off the redesign of our website, to add more fresh content such as videos, and this represented a great opportunity to revisit our branding and colour scheme. Thanks to web.archive.org, we were able to retrieve a copy of our 1995 logo from an old website snapshot, as shown in this timeline. When you put something on the web, it's there for a long time!
Lunr Blog Updates
The Lunr blog shares a number of recent publications, including a new , short introductory video that demonstrates some of the main features:

There's a wealth of information online, or contact us to get started with a 10-user plan to manage all of your engineering content in one cloud-based repository, all hosted within Australia.
Accruent Meridian News
Accruent has introduced a new licensing model for new on-premise sites, referred to as the Meridian Enterprise Term Product Bundle.

This license model is completely on-premise and includes Meridian Power, Explorer, and Mobile. The price of on-premise licensing has been reduced by removing Meridian Portal and Analytics from the Meridian Enterprise SaaS license model.

The new license model is not a requirement for existing Meridian sites, that can maintain their current license model when purchasing additional licenses.

The new Meridian Enterprise Term pricing is designed to mimic the SaaS model, with named and concurrent components. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more.

And some blog posts to catch up on the latest information:
Viewport News
The latest Viewport 5.2 version is now available and already running at client sites. It's packed with new features, bug fixes, and improvements. Here's what's new:

  • Custom Web Pages
  • Data Quality Report
  • Line Number Support
  • Workfolders
  • Markup Enhancements
  • GeoJSON and GIS Enhancements
  • TrendMicro GRID Program
  • Subscription-based Licensing

Check out our latest blog post for more information on Viewport 5.2.
Meet the Team
Introducing our lead developer, Sean Hunter.

Name: Sean Hunter
Role: Lead Developer
Grew up in: Melbourne
What people wouldn't know about you: Married to a Veterinarian and owner of a blind cat that I'm also allergic to
Specialist topic: The Matrix
Guilty pleasure: Coffee, far too much
Podcast/Book/Movie: The Rich Roll Podcast
What you love about working at Onset: Every day I get to work with a quirky but fun set of teammates
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