Welcome to our March Newsletter
This edition has our latest updates, including customer insights and links to recent webinar recordings. We also have the latest information on Meridian, upgrades, and Lunr and we're kicking off a new regular feature to introduce our team members.
Onset Updates
Welcome to our first newsletter for 2021.

The Meridian upgrades are now completed with Sydney Water, DBCT (Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal), and the Department of Transport (PTV). Upgrades are ongoing with SA Water, PWCS (Port Waratah Coal Services), and Boyne Smelters; and we're in the final stages with Tronox and Curtin University.

Upgrades are also in the planning stage with BHP and the Port of Melbourne.

With Meridian 2021 coming online, it's a good time to start planning and scheduling this year's upgrade, so please contact us if you'd like to start the discussion.

The 2020 webinar series is now available online, overviewing EDMS Fundamentals and the SA Water solution. We have links to the recordings below.
Meridian 2021 Release
It's that time of the year when Accruent drops the major release of Meridian server. Here are some highlights of the Meridian 2021 release:

  • Waiting lists
  • Hot spots
  • Rendition Server
  • Layer Translation
  • User Management Delegation

Some of the smaller items include:

  • Print stamp
  • Portal integration
  • Print current view
  • Batch print/download

We've created a blog post that goes into more detail.
Lunr Blog Updates
The Lunr blog shares a number of recent publications, including these:

There's a wealth of information online, or contact us to get started with a 10-user plan to manage all of your engineering content in one cloud-based repository, all hosted within Australia.
View the Meridian EDMS Fundamentals Webinar Recording
Some of the highlights we step through include:
  • Viewing 3D models.
  • Automatic version control and compare.
  • Controlled document exchange with third parties.
  • Field access via mobile device.
  • Document change request via redline markup.

The link below allows you to register for the recorded webinar.
View the SA Water Webinar Recording
If you missed our webinar, detailing the solution at SA Water, you can register below to receive a link to the recording.

The webinar digs deeper into the case study, looking at the implementation, integrations, and challenges.
Meet the Team
Introducing our Manager and newsletter author, Steve Hunter. He's been involved with Meridian since the old AutoManager Workflow days and still loves a good site visit.

Name: Steve Hunter
Role: Managing Director
Grew up in: Melbourne
Specialist topic: Dad jokes
Guilty pleasure: A glass of red wine
Funniest day at work: Not at the office but we had a staff archery competition and it's crazy how competitive everyone is (Deb won)
Podcast/Book/Movie: Currently listening to the 'Next Billion Seconds' podcast
What you love about working at Onset: A great team with very diverse interests and hobbies
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