Welcome to our March Newsletter
This edition has our latest updates, including customer insights and updates. We also have the latest information on Meridian and Lunr, and we continue to introduce our team members.
Onset Updates
Welcome to our March update. New implementations are progressing well with Hunter Water and the University of Canberra. Both sites are currently focused on data migration. Data cleansing and transformation enhance the integrity of the EDMS, often combining and deduplicating documents and metadata from several sources. While this can be a time-consuming process, it represents a critical component that goes to the integrity of the final solution.

Meridian upgrades have been completed with Evoenergy, and Icon Water. Upgrades are in progress with Curtin University, the University of Melbourne, Bega Cheese, and Qenos.

Meridian 2021 R3 is now available, and the 2022 release is not expected until July, so it's a good time to start planning and scheduling this year's upgrade. Please contact us if you'd like to start the discussion.

Here are some highlights of Meridian 2021 R3:
  • No requirement for local admin & SQL admin rights for the Meridian service account.
  • A new term licensing model (Meridian Enterprise) on-premise.
  • Confirmation pages are available for release as master events.
  • e-Signature is available via the Site Cache client.
Most Consistent Partner Award
Accruent has recognised outstanding partners at the recent Synergy 2022 conference.

We're very pleased to announce that Accruent has awarded Onset Design as the "Most Consistent Partner: Onset flourishes in a decades-long partnership and consistently delivers results to mutual customers."

Read more here about the achievements and successes of Accruent partners.
New Lunr Blog
Does your EDMS validate for missing Xrefs?

Check out our latest blog, discussing the importance of Xrefs and your organisation's investment in the DWG format. Both Meridian and Lunr are 'Xref aware', and we explore how this improves the integrity of your EDMS.

The Lunr blog shares a number of recent publications and here are some others.

There's a wealth of information online, or contact us to get started with a 10-user plan to manage all of your engineering content in one cloud-based repository, all hosted within Australia.
Accruent Academy
Accruent has expanded its World Class Academy model to include the Meridian product, so that all Meridian software agreements now include the eLearning courses at no additional cost, allowing more customers to access out-of-the-box training.

The new model provides a set of training licenses to all existing and new Accruent customer accounts. These training licenses give users access to all standard and required product training, housed in the Accruent Academy Online Learning Center. The updated learning center allows customers to:

  • Use enhanced search to easily find training courses
  • Use reporting and dashboard features for clear data insights
  • Use improved navigation to find and start training quickly
  • Follow various learning paths based on role and individual needs

If you have Meridian but have not yet received access to the Accruent Academy, please contact us to receive a login.
Meet the Team
Introducing another member of our development team, Jawad.

Name: Ahmed Jawad
Role: Senior Software Developer
Grew up in: Karachi, Pakistan
Specialist topic: Cricket
Guilty pleasure: Chay (subcontinent’s version of English Tea)
What people wouldn't know about you: During my high school days I was captain of my local area Cricket team
Current Podcast: Diagnosing memory leaks in .NET apps
Last Book: Catch 22
What you love about working at Onset: We’ve an amazing team at Onset with very broad and in-depth technical knowledge and the flexibility of working from home
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