Welcome to our May Newsletter
This edition has our latest updates, including customer insights and special offers. We also have the latest information on Meridian, upgrades, and Lunr, and we continue to introduce our team.
Onset Updates
Welcome to our May update.

Meridian upgrades are now completed with SA Water, PWCS (Port Waratah Coal Services), and the Port of Melbourne. We're in the final stages with Boyne Smelters, Tronox, and Curtin University; and an upgrade is also in planning with BHP as they shift server infrastructure to the Cloud.

BHP recently purchased the Meridian Asset Management Module, as well as a number of mobile licenses to service their mine sites in the Bowen Basin (Queensland, Australia). The certified SAP component links engineering drawings with asset tags that are associated with functional locations. Drawings are made available to field staff via the Meridian app on their mobile device, to deliver search, view, and markup integration. We're working with BHP to enable the SAP and field mobility solutions, in conjunction with the Meridian 2021 upgrade.

With Meridian 2021 coming online, it's a good time to start planning and scheduling this year's upgrade, so please contact us if you'd like to start the discussion.
Financial Year Promotion
Meridian Mobility Bundle

Like the BHP scenario described above, many organisations are extending the reach of their in-house Meridian solution by adding Meridian mobile for field staff. The benefits include:

  • Live and accurate access to documentation
  • Field mark-up, including photo attachment
  • Mobile annotation upload for access by office team members

The Meridian Mobility Bundle includes:

  • Explorer server license
  • 20 license pack of Meridian Mobile
  • Configuration and setup **

** Inclusion of configuration and setup is dependent on running the latest Meridian release.

The Meridian Mobility Bundle is provided at a cost of $26,190 ex. GST (AUD) for Meridian sites running concurrent licensing, representing a 10% license discount and complimentary setup.

Please contact us to obtain your personalised discount where you're not running the latest Meridian release or concurrent licensing.
Lunr Blog Updates
The Lunr blog shares a number of recent publications, including these new articles:

There's a wealth of information online, or contact us to get started with a 10-user plan to manage all of your engineering content in one cloud-based repository, all hosted within Australia.
Meridian News
Many of you will be aware that the Meridian PowerUser desktop client was to be discontinued following the Meridian 2021 release. With most sites adopting the PowerWeb client as a replacement, Accruent had planned for the PowerUser end-of-life.

In welcome news, Accruent has now extended the life of PowerUser in a restricted way until the Meridian 2024 release.

Meridian PowerWeb and Explorer will remain the focus of development, and covering all PowerUser functionality with equivalents in PowerWeb will remain an important roadmap priority. In the Extended Life period, PowerUser enables access to engineering data for customers where migration to PowerWeb is not practical.

Please contact us if you'd like to receive the full press release.
Meet the Team
Introducing our Meridian technical lead, Marco Russian. Originally working with Meridian at Cadstation, Marco has been with Onset for more than ten years and heads our Meridian team.

Name: Marco Russian
Role: Senior Business Consultant
Grew up in: Brisbane
What people wouldn't know about you: I drank the CrossFit cool-aid
Specialist topic: Biohacking
Guilty pleasure: Enjoying a well-aged whisky
Podcast/Book/Movie: Current podcasts: Chasing Excellence, Bulletproof Radio, The CrossAxed Method. Current book: The Immunity Fix. Last movie: Tenet.
What you love about working at Onset: The flexibility of working from home, we have a great team that gets on well together, and the relationship we have with our diverse customer base.
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