Welcome to our May Newsletter
This edition has our latest updates, including customer insights and updates. We also have the latest information on Meridian and Lunr, and we continue to introduce our team members.
Onset Updates
Welcome to our May update.

Meridian upgrades are in progress with Bega Cheese, and Perilya, and upgrades have been completed with Qenos, Curtin University, and the University of Melbourne.

Additionally, these universities are moving to Lunr on the cloud, from the OCP (Onset Contractor Portal) on-premise. One of the triggers for moving to Lunr is the mapping interface for spatial search, as well as the ability to integrate with the enterprise GIS. Another trigger is the ability to view 3D models and point clouds in Lunr, with the option of using the embedded viewer or Autodesk Forge.

The Hunter Water implementation is progressing well, and the University of Canberra has completed User Acceptance Testing and is preparing to go live this month.

Meridian 2021 R3 is now available, and the 2022 release is not expected until July, so it's a good time to start planning and scheduling this year's upgrade. Please contact us if you'd like to start the discussion.
Onset Events
We've committed to sponsoring the TEMC 2022 event, to be held in Hobart in September. For all of our contacts in the tertiary education sector, please make sure you visit the exhibition to see some of our latest work with the University of Canberra, the University of Melbourne, and Curtin University.
And we caught up with Paul & Kevin from SA Water at the Ozwater'22 event in Brisbane. Their immersive solution provides water utilities with turnkey extended reality (XR) solutions, encompassing virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies.
Using Meridian Mobile to Improve Safety
Quoting a statistic of 76% of all workers being required to access drawings while away from their desks, this brochure on Meridian Mobile provides some compelling motivations for the mobile app.
Meridian ROI Calculator
Accruent has released a new online ROI (Return On Investment) calculator for Meridian.

Enter your deployment type (Cloud/On-premise), and then complete some assumptions for parameters including Projects, Contractors, and Work Orders.

While this can be of benefit to existing Meridian sites, it's a great tool to assist with building the business case for those looking to adopt or transition to Meridian.
In case you missed the Xref Blog
Does your EDMS validate for missing Xrefs?

Check out our latest blog, discussing the importance of Xrefs and your organisation's investment in the DWG format. Both Meridian and Lunr are 'Xref aware', and we explore how this improves the integrity of your EDMS.

The Lunr blog shares a number of recent publications and here are some others.

There's a wealth of information online, or contact us to get started with a 10-user plan to manage all of your engineering content in one cloud-based repository, all hosted within Australia.
Meet the Team
Introducing another member of our development team, Jason.

Name: Jason Sander Eagan
Role: Software Developer
Grew up in: Melbourne
Specialist topic: Mechanical Keyboards, F1
Guilty pleasure: Sushi
Podcast: Trash Taste
Last book: Slowly making my way through Isaac Asimov’s collective works
Last movie: Young Frankenstein
Biggest fear: Spiders
Favourite holiday destination: NY or Queenstown
What people wouldn't know about you: I'm colourblind
What you love about working at Onset: Very welcoming and supportive team where everyone gets along great, getting to put my brain to work to solve fun technical challenges, working from home flexibility
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