Welcome to our November Newsletter
This edition has our latest updates, including customer insights, a new webinar and a link to last month's recorded webinar. We also have the latest information on Meridian, upgrades, Lunr, and Viewport.
Onset Updates
Those of us in Victoria are happy to join the rest of Australia in being able to at least move around our own state. Hopefully 2021 will see us being able to meet again with our customers on site and in person. A big thanks to all of our customers for continuing to allow us to work with you remotely on new and ongoing projects.

Thanks to everyone that joined our live webinar last month, overviewing the Meridian solution at SA Water. We have a link to the recording below.

Meridian upgrades are ongoing with Powerco, Sydney Water, SA Water, PWCS (Port Waratah Coal Services) and Boyne Smelters; and in the final stages with Tronox, Curtin University and PTV (Public Transport Victoria).

Upgrades are also in the planning stage with DBCT (Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal) and the Port of Melbourne.

It's a good time to start planning and scheduling an upgrade for the first half of 2021, so please contact us if you'd like to start the discussion.
New Meridian EDMS Fundamentals Webinar
Learn about the basic features required in your EDMS (Engineering Drawing Management System). We'll overview the difference between ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and EDMS to describe the features you'll need in order to manage the lifecycle of engineering documentation.

Join us as we overview the benefits of utilising an EDMS throughout the asset lifecycle to ensure compliance, control engineering project costs, improve safety and extend the lifespan of assets. CAD files, BIM models, drawings and schematics need the support of business processes and workflows with the participation of internal and external stakeholders.

Some of the highlights we'll step you through include:
  • Viewing 3D models.
  • Automatic version control and compare.
  • Controlled document exchange with third parties.
  • Field access via mobile device.
  • Document change request via redline markup.

Register for the webinar on 26 November to join us live or to receive a link to the recording.
View the SA Water Webinar Recording
If you missed our live webinar last month, you can register below to receive a link to the recording.

The webinar digs deeper into the case study, looking at the implementation, integrations and challenges.
Lunr Updates
One measure of the strength of an engineering content management system is its ability to integrate with other enterprise systems. Three Lunr connectors in the Facilities Management space are listed below, with links provided for further reading:
  1. Archibus
  2. SISfm
  3. MazeMap

Lunr can retrieve building information from Archibus, while specific drawings such as floor plans may be linked to update SISfm or MazeMap. Leveraging the intelligence from other systems and integrating through smart connectors extends the value of your engineering content.

Get started with a 10-user plan to manage all of your engineering content in one cloud-based repository, all hosted within Australia.
Viewport & Meridian at Tronox
Tronox in WA use Meridian to manage engineering content and Viewport to make the operational as-builts available across the enterprise.

The Tronox case study highlights the value of controlling operational drawings in Meridian and making these accessible to the broader organisation with Viewport.
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