Welcome to our September Newsletter
This edition has our latest updates, including customer insights and the latest webinars. We also have the latest information on Meridian, upgrades, Lunr, Viewport and GTX.
Onset Updates
Thankfully, while we have a few team members in Melbourne lockdown, we can continue to work with our customers. Meridian upgrades are now under way with Powerco, Sydney Water, SAWater and Boyne Smelters, and in the final stages with Tronox, Curtin University and PTV.

If you missed our Accruent webinar recordings, the registration links are provided below:

  • Meridian - BIM for Facility Management
  • Meridian - Concurrent Engineering
New Meridian Case Study - SA Water
Thanks to Paul Hawthorne and the team at SA Water, we've now developed a case study that outlines the business case for Meridian, describing the implementation, integrations, and challenges.

The requirements for a new EDMS included the ability to link to assets in Maximo, to enable searching by asset. Challenges included the storage of documents on Windows shares, a history of focusing on PDF renditions rather than native drawings, data consistency, and a need for clarity around compliance, document ownership and duplication.

Join our live webinar on 22 October to step through this in more detail.
Lunr Updates
Do you need a simplified Cloud solution to manage your engineering content?

With a SaaS (Software As A Service) license model, Lunr has on-shore hosting with Microsoft Azure to protect your data sovereignty.

Get started on a plan with as few as 10 users to receive drawings and models from external contractors and transition these to create your own as-built store for ongoing operations and maintenance.
Viewport & Meridian at Tronox
Tronox in Bunbury use the Viewport software to retrieve operational drawings by searching with equipment tags. Prior to introducing Meridian in 2018, this information was spread across three legacy systems and Viewport was utilised for the reorganisation of asset data prior to the Meridian implementation.

As a complimentary solution, Viewport is still in place today and is now linked to the as-built Master content within the Meridian vault. Meridian brings a controlled process to document workflows, while Viewport analyses and identifies intelligent links between documents for simplified navigation.

Viewport 5.1.2 is now available. Contact us to receive the 1-page brochure.
GTXRaster CAD 2021 Update
Announcing that the new GTXRaster CAD® 2021 Series for AutoCAD 2021 products are now available and fully optimised with a number of improved commands. Enhancements include NEW PDF commands allowing users to convert their scanned PDF files to AutoCAD .DWG format. New and improved functionality includes file association where users can open an image file directly in GTXRaster CAD 2021 Series from Windows Explorer. Minor amendments, 'bug fixes' and updated Installation procedures are also included.

The GTXRaster CAD 2021 Series products remain the most cost-effective, comprehensive, powerful and feature-rich, "AutoCAD for Raster," software available in the market today.
On-demand Webinars
Meridian - BIM for Facility Management
  • The challenges involved with 3D modelling and BIM standards.
  • How BIM standards can improve handover and make maintenance more efficient.
  • The problems and pitfalls of handing over engineering information to Operations & Maintenance teams.
  • How you can use Meridian to manage information delivery.
  • How to harness the power of BIM to take your facilities management to the next level.
Concurrent Engineering
Coordinating Changes in a Dynamic World
  • How Meridian enables accurate engineering changes.
  • What the implications of concurrent engineering mean for your organisation.
  • How concurrent engineering benefits engineering, manufacturing and project management teams.
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