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Ontario Sailing COMBINE
September 17 & 18, 2015

Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, Kingston

Athletes interested in becoming members of the 2015/2016 Ontario Sailing Team and Ontario Sailing Development Team are invited to attend the annual Ontario Sailing Team COMBINE.

The COMBINE is a two-day camp that will give athletes an opportunity to showcase their sailing skills and fitness. This camp will provide an opportunity for the Ontario Sailing Team High Performance Coach, Ontario Sailing Development Coach and selected guest experts to perform talent identification and skill development exclusively for Ontario athletes.

Classes invited to this year's COMBINE include: 29er, 49er, FX, 420, Laser, Radial, Techno 293, RSX and Optimist (limited to sailors planning on transitioning to a different class for the 2015 season).

The on-water portion of the COMBINE will include different drill stations that will allow athletes to demonstrate specific skills (e.g. tacking, gybing, starting, acceleration, hoists/douses, racing) to the coaching team.  Athletes will also participate in fitness testing which will be used as a benchmark for future Team camps.

At the end of the camp, the top performing boat in each class will be announced
by the coaching staff and will automatically qualify for a position on the
Ontario Sailing Team or Ontario Sailing Development Team.

COMBINE Specifics ( Click Here for Combine Poster

Date - September 17 & 18, 2015

Location - Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, Kingston Ontario

Fee - $130 (plus HST)

What's Included:
  • Fitness testing and results
  • Skill analysis and development through video de-briefings and feedback from expert coaches
  • Limited edition COMBINE T-shirt
  • Chance to earn a position on the Ontario Sailing Team or Ontario Sailing Development Team
  • Consultation and feedback on yearly program
What to Bring:
  • Boat and all sailing equipment
  • Sailing gear
  • Fitness gear (running shoes, shorts, shirt)
  • Yearly training Plan
  • Logbook
  • Racing Rules Book
Ontario Sailing Team Selection Schedule:
  • The Ontario Sailing Teams and Ontario Sailing Development Teams will be announced annually November 1st
  • Only Ontario Sailing Team members will be eligible for nomination by Ontario Sailing Athlete Development Committee for Quest for Gold funding
Athletes designated as a Quest for Gold Alternate will be nominated accordingly and will only receive funding if a nominated athlete declines funding or is nominated for and receives Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program funding (carding).
For more information, please contact Cam at 1-888-672-7245 ext. 227 or programs@ontariosailing.ca

Ontario Sailing Funds Three Clubs!
The sport of Sailing has many examples of lasting legacies; be it an inspiring coach, an exceptional athlete or the positive atmosphere that clubs add to the sailing life of their community. While we never want to see a club close, sometimes great lasting legacies can be made from the sad situation of a closed club.

The Huntsville Sailing Club was an active club for a number of years but because of many situations, mainly around sustainability of volunteers, the club closed.  In order to keep the legacy of this club going, the Directors voted to seed the proceeds of the club's assets to Ontario Sailing. "The Huntsville Sailing Legacy Fund" was created.
This year, for the very first time in the history of Ontario Sailing, clubs, schools and camps were asked to submit funding applications to help support "grass roots programming" with their programs. Over 25 applications were received by Ontario Sailing surpassing all expectations that we had in offering this program. While the review panel would have gladly given out more money this year, we were limited to $2000 in total.
In the end, three programs were awarded funding for their individual applications for sustainable growth at their Clubs. Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club was awarded $1000, Nepean Sailing Club $500 and Conestoga Sailing Club $500. Stories on each of the successful grants will be featured in upcoming ENewsletter articles.
The program will be offered again in 2016 and 2017. It is hoped that those interested in supporting Grass Root programming in Ontario may consider donating to this very worthwhile endeavor. Tax receipts can be offered for your support.
Ontario Sailing would like to thank the review panel for their hours of work on reviewing the applications and, at the same time, thank those clubs that applied. While the names of the panel are confidential, we would like to highlight the Chair, Peter Van Buskirk, for his efforts. Peter was one of the founders of Ontario Sailing and ironically, of the Huntsville Sailing Club. Peter has been a long -time supporter of sailing, especially youth development, and is a Past President Award Winner of Ontario Sailing.
Further information on the fund can be obtained by contacting Glenn Lethbridge, Executive Director, Ontario Sailing.
905-572-7245 or toll-free 1-888-672-7245 ext 224

Take the Classroom onto the Open Seas!
Ontario Sailing welcomes Class Afloat as a new sponsor!

By the time students reach grades 11 and 12, they've spent a decade inside a classroom. For people who enjoy the outdoors, it is far from ideal to spend all day at a desk, watching the seasons change through a window.

But what if you could change that? What if you could complete grade 11 or 12 or even the first year of university while exploring the world? What if, instead of a bricks and mortar building, your school was a 230 foot three-mast tall ship?

The adventure of a lifetime awaits with Class Afloat; one of the world's leading experimental learning programs. During a nine-month voyage, students visit 20 ports around the world as they complete a fully accredited course load while learning to sail a three-mast tall ship.

It is a truly one of a kind program whose goal is to broaden young people values while providing a unique life experience.

"It's a about learning and sailing but the real education comes from understanding yourself, your place in your community and in the world," Class Afloat President David Jones said. "While also gaining the trust and leadership required to sail a tall ship."
While the 60 students will get a full education from the seven teachers on board, they will be sailing the ship 24/7.

"While the ship is moving" Mr. Jones explained, "A student is at the helm. The greatest challenge is to acquire the discipline and organization required to fit the demands of your education into the time required to stand watch and sail a 230 foot ship day and night."
While the concept of waking up in middle of the night to do a two-hour deck watch before going back to sleep seems hard, when everyone on board is doing the same thing, it becomes the norm. The physical demands of sailing 24/7 are worth it when you get to visit some of the most beautiful and unique ports in the world.  Students visit places like Morocco, the Canary Islands, Dakar, Buenos Aires, and Cape Town South Africa.

While the ship is sailing, class is in session but once the ship docks, the program is about exploring the world's cultures.

"In Agadir Morocco, for example, students go on a camel safari into the Sahara dessert," David explains. "Where they will spend the night in a Bedouin camp and climb the dunes to witness the sun rising on the Sahara. They will also visit a tropical paradise island off the coast of Brazil and explore some of the world's largest sand domes in Natal."
It's all while taking a 20,000 nautical mile journey on a beautiful Class A tall ship. It's an experience that very few people have ever had and one that all 1500 Class Afloat alumni will never forget. Why sit in a class reading about the world when you can be out experiencing it?

For more information, please visit the Class Afloat website at www.classafloat.com
or contact them at:
Phone: 902-634-1895 or Toll Free 1-800-301-SAIL (7245)
Attention Officials!

National One Design Sailing Academy is looking for a Principal Race Officer and a Head Judge to help pull together a jury for the following regattas:
September 26 - 28, 2015
Ontario Club Fleet Event
Bronte Outer Harbour, Oakville
A fleet of 10 Flying Tiger 7.5m boats will be supplied for this event.
October 2 - 4, 2015
University Level Fleet Regatta
Bronte Outer Harbour, Oakville

For more information, please contact Kim Moffat at 905-847-8000 or kim.moffat@1dsailing.com

Attention Club Executives

Clubs with at least one full time employee are required to adopt standards of accessibility. If your club doesn't have one yet - use ours! Accessibility Standards for Customer Service AODA Template.


Sign up for more information, resources, and tools by checking out www.shellsandsails.ca or emailing Lynsey at support@shellsandsails.ca for more information.