Dear Friends of the Ganaraska Watershed:

The environment needs your help. On behalf of the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority (GRCA), we are writing to ask for your support. 
On November 5th 2020, the Ontario government tabled Bill 229 Protect, Support, and Recover from COVID-19 Act (Budget Measures), which includes Schedule 6 that proposes major changes to the Conservation Authorities Act that we all, including you, need to be concerned about. We are hoping to have your support by voicing your opinion and expressing your concerns to the Province and to your local constituents. It is important that Conservation Authorities (CAs) be given more opportunity to have a dialogue with the Province to improve the delivery of our programs and services; but the most meaningful way to do this is through constructive conversation and public consultation, not by rushing changes through an omnibus bill using COVID as the rationale. We need all of our friends to act today by emailing, calling, and sharing your support of Ontario's CAs and the GRCA's vision of 'Clean Water, Healthy Land for Healthy Communities'.
The proposed amendments to the Conservation Authorities Act could have significant environmental impact due to decisions being made without consideration of the local watershed science and data provided by conservation authorities. The changes could potentially add significant delays and costs in enforcement, planning and permitting processes, and have significant impacts on CA’s ability to provide cost-effective flooding and natural hazards management/protection and drinking water source protection to Ontarians.

GRCA's mission is to enhance and conserve across the Ganaraska Region Watershed by serving, educating, informing and engaging. The proposed changes through Bill 229 could reduce your local conservation authority's ability to do so; restricting our capacity to provide important recreational, educational, and employment opportunities across our watershed.  
We are Asking You to Have Your Say Today!

The GRCA, along with Conservation Ontario and all 35 other Conservation Authorities across Ontario, have contacted the Premier, members of Cabinet and our local MPPs, and are asking you to to do the same. Use the button below to send your local MPP, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, The Minister of the Environment Conservation and Parks, and the Minister of Finance a letter asking them to repeal Schedule 6 of Bill 229.
Thank you again for your continued support of our environment & community.
Yours in Conservation,
Jeff Lees
Chair, GRCA Board of Directors

Linda Laliberte, CGA, CPA
CAO/Secretary-Treasurer, GRCA
Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority www.grca.on.ca | 905.885.8173