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Volume 09 | May 13, 2021
Last Chance to Register for the ECAO 2021 Social Event
Registration for the ECAO 2021 Social Event closes tomorrow! This virtual event is not like your ordinary Zoom Meeting. We have planned everything from a trip to the Moon to Comedy Hour, all for your enjoyment and participation.

Registration link and more details on the evening’s program are below. Last year our ECAO Community and Partners actively participated and the feedback we received was over the Moon. Let’s do it again together on our trip to the Moon. While we do have a costume contest along with prizes, what we really want is for you to join us and have some fun.

A huge thank you to our sponsors:

Join us for a Webinar: "Focusing on Mental Health in the Workplace"
Please join us on June 09, 2021, for ECAO’s Future Leaders Advisory Council (FLAC) Complimentary Webinar on "Focusing on Mental Health in the Workplace" by Nathan Kolar who is an expert in mental health field.

The event is Sponsored by T.P Electric and Marsh Canada.

Ontario Announces COVID-19 testing for organizations
What you need to know

Rapid testing is an additional screening method that can help stop the spread of COVID-19covid 19 by identifying cases that may otherwise have been missed. Organizations can test on-site 1-3 times per week and get results in about 15 minutes.

To find out if on-site testing is right for you:

Access free test kits

The Provincial Antigen Screening Program provides free rapid antigen test kits to high-risk communities, organizations and essential workplaces.

Featured Spotlight
Ontario’s New COVID-19 Paid Sick Days – Reimbursement for Employers and the Role of the WSIB

ECAO is still waiting for details on how the employer gets reimbursed by WSIB. The information they will be required to provide is outlined in section 50.1.1 (7) of the ESA: To view the full section click here.

New Skilled Trades Ontario to replace College of Trades
Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development Monte McNaughton said the government would move swiftly with the Skilled Trades Act, implementing a new system that would be more efficient and easier to navigate. 

“I think we’ve built an overwhelming consensus within the industry,” said McNaughton. “I can tell you my team and I’ve worked really, really hard on them to get it right.” 

McNaughton said he was implementing the first phase of recommendations of an advisory committee, the Skilled Trades Panel, that includes Michael Sherrard as chair and industry representatives Jason Ottey, Melanie Winter, Shaun Scott and Melissa Young.  

Toronto EllisDon sites hit by COVID-19 outbreaks
Toronto Public Heath’s list of Toronto Workplaces with Active Outbreaks and Outbreaks Declared Over in the Past Week indicates an EllisDon site reported eight cases of COVID on April 23; another reported 13 cases a day later, and a third site noted to be associated with subcontractors Marel and Univex reported 26 cases on April 21.

IHSA recommendation for eye protection during the pandemic 
The Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) is recommending that workers follow the Ministry of Health COVID-19 Variant of Concern Guidance Document, and, in addition to using proper face masking protocol, all those working in member industries within close proximity to others should also use eye protection that fully covers the eyes. This means safety glasses with side shields, goggles, face shields, or other forms of face/eye protection.

Ontario Court of Appeal expands potential risk to employers
Decisions could significantly expand liabilities on construction projects.

The decision should be of concern to all owners and employers, as it could significantly expand liabilities under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) on construction projects and affect advance planning and structures for construction project safety and management.

It suggests that an employer may have broad OHSA responsibilities solely on the basis that it had a worker on the project — perhaps despite engaging a constructor.

CCA on the 2021 budget
Choice Hotels
Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario is partnered with Choice Hotels® to make Business & Leisure travel a little more enjoyable and convenient – and save up to 15%!

Guidance for Construction and Establishing Your Workplace Vaccine Policy
Join lawyers Dan Leduc of Norton Rose Fulbright LLP and Ted Dreyer of Madorin Snyder LLP for a 90-minute FREE webinar on the contractual issues related to price volatility and supply chain disruptions that contractors and suppliers are now confronted with. Lumber, steel, glue, petroleum-based products and concrete are just some of the items affected. Don't miss this session!

Daniel J. Leduc
Norton Rose Fulbright LLP
Ted Dreyer
Madorin Snyder LLP
Complimentary Webinar Getting Back to "Normal" (Please)
Wednesday, May 19, 2021 | 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, ET

This one-hour webinar will address the practical and legal challenges Canadian employers are facing during this transition phase of getting back to "normal" (we hope) as Canada recovers from the COVID-19 emergency.
The topics of focus include the following:

  • Reversing or Reducing Remote Work Arrangements
  • Masking / Social Distancing
  • Continued Health and Safety Protocols in the Workplace
  • Vaccination Policies
  • Mandatory Testing / Rapid Testing
  • Disclosure of Travel / Vacation
  • Union Issues
  • Demands for Sick Pay, Higher Wages
  • Rise in Union Organizing / Activism
  • Lingering Disability / Accommodation Issues
  • Business Immigration Issues
We hope you can join us for this complimentary session!
Andrew Reynolds, Toronto
Katie Van Nostrand, Vancouver
Greg McGinnis, Toronto