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High School High Tech (HSHT) links youth to a broad range of academic, career development and experiential resources and experiences that will enable them to meet the demands of the 21st century workforce. As the HSHT state director, I have been impressed with the hard work and dedication of the HSHT students and I am excited to see their plans for the future. We also appreciate the partnerships across Florida with HSHT coordinators who work with these students throughout the schoolyear.

Below are a few highlights of HSHT students from the 2021-2022 school year:

  • HSHT graduation rate: 99%.
  • 756 HSHT students completed a career experience.
  • 207 students were employed.
  • 310 HSHT students participated in volunteer activities.
  • 252 HSHT students obtained a career certification.
  • 273 HSHT students participated in job shadowing.

The High School High Tech students who graduated this past June are looking towards the future and I want to congratulate them all on their accomplishments as they continue their journey towards a successful future.

Coleen Agner

High School High Tech State Director 


Silvio Plata

Silvia Plata participated in the Miami Dade-South High School High Tech program. Silvio has received awards for various music competitions and was a recipient of Florida Bright Futures and the Presidential Music Scholarship.

Congratulations to Silvio and we are excited to hear he will attend the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami.


We are excited to share the career plans of this year's HSHT graduates. As illustrated in the chart, most graduating seniors are going into some type of post-secondary education or training while others are going directly into the workforce and in some cases, they're doing both.

Several students will attend Florida State College of Jacksonville:

  • Luke is planning to complete general education credits while he decides his major.
  • Justin will enroll in the aviation program.
  • Cameron is enrolling in business classes.

Plans for students attending the University of North Florida:

  • Sarah will enroll as an English Major and the Thrive Program for the Fall of 2022.
  • Kasenia will attend at UNF and the Arc Jacksonville On Campus Transition program.
  • Paul will start at UNF and the Thrive Program in the Fall of 2022.

Plans for the TCC2FAMU program:

  • Vashawn will enroll in Tallahassee Community College to FAMU (Business).
  • Jelisa plans to attend Tallahassee Community College to FAMU (Undecided) to United States Army.

We are pleased to hear about their next steps and look forward to sharing additional plans in future newsletters.

Florida's Workforce Education Initiative

In 2020, the Florida Department of Education launched Get There, a workforce education initiative aimed at raising awareness of short-term, high-value Career and Technical Education programs.

Get There accelerates students’ time to completion of an in-demand, high-value industry certification or postsecondary workforce credential. Programs include advanced manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare, and information technology.

Floridians can learn more about Career and Technical Education (CTE) and workforce training programs available at state and technical colleges, align their interests with a career path and connect with their local institution to enroll.

Visit https://gettherefl.com/



High School High Tech programs help open doors for the students with disabilities who participate. If you're interested in getting involved, there are several ways to become engaged:

  • Host your local HSHT site and let them see what happens in your industry.
  • Mentor a HSHT student to give them the real-world experience that is vital to entering the workforce.
  • Adopt a HSHT site to expand student experiences and resources

To learn more, contact Coleen Agner,

High School High Tech State Director 

at [email protected]

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About High School High Tech (HSHT)

High School High Tech is a program that provides high school students with disabilities the opportunity to explore jobs and post-secondary education leading to in-demand careers. Established in 1996, HSHT connects students to a broad range of academic and career development resources and experiences that will help prepare them to meet the demands of the 21st century workforce. For information, visit www.abletrust.org.

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