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Friday Five

Barry Sheets, Legislative Consultant
May 31, 2019

Bidding goodbye to May, we say hello to June, a month that will see significant activity as the state's two-year 
budget is finalized.


1 Lawsuit watch 6: The clock is ticking slowly, but still moving forward. It is anticipated Senior Judge Michael Barrett of the U.S. District Court will delay issuing an injunction or Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the enactment of the Human Rights and Heartbeat Protection Act (SB 23) until right before July 10th, the day the law is to take effect. The abortion lobby and their fellow travelers at the ACLU are seeking a permanent injunction against the law, but in order to drag out the case (um, give the parties time to file appropriate briefs...yeah, that's the ticket), Judge Barrett will likely send the TRO as an opening salvo in the legal battle. Put on your helmets and settle into the trenches, soldiers: this one is going to be a drawn-out battle.
2. In what is a drink of cold water in a parched and thirsty land, the United States Supreme Court, on a 7-2 ruling, upheld Indiana's Fetal Remains Disposal Law.  This is fantastic news for Ohio, as Senator Joe Uecker's SB27, Ohio's Fetal Remains Disposal Bill, which was modeled in framework after the Indiana law, may see renewed life in the legislative process. It has not been on the calendar for the House Civil Justice Committee for three weeks, but this week's U.S. Supreme Court ruling clears up any doubts that Ohio's legislation has constitutional merit.  Never fear or doubt:  the ACLU and Murder, Inc. (the abortion lobby) will STILL file suit against this great piece of legislation once Governor Mike DeWine signs it. Pray for sponsor Senator Joe Uecker, Civil Justice Committee Chairman Steve Hambley and Speaker Larry Householder as they decide on how to move forward on this legislation.
3. We are still awaiting the unveiling of the Senate's work on the Biennial Budget (HB 166) in a substitute bill and a likely omnibus amendment after the substitute is accepted. Please keep in prayer as much work is going on behind the scenes to protect families and children, bring pro-life education forward and to help our pregnancy care centers. We will update you as soon as more develops.
4. Senator Peggy Lehner introduced Senate Bill 155 this week , a bill requiring abortion providers to inform women of the possibility of reversing a medical (chemical) abortion process during the 24 hour waiting period. The bill would make failure to inform a first-degree misdemeanor on first offense, and a fourth-degree felony on subsequent offenses. SB155 has been assigned to the Senate Health, Human Services and Medicaid Committee. A companion House bill will likely be introduced in the near future by Representative Niraj Antani.
5. House Bill 90, the Humanity of the Unborn Education Act, sponsored by Rep. Niraj Antani,  will likely be marked for a vote of the House Health Committee next week. The sponsor and I have been whipping votes (more fun than it actually sounds) and by our count there is sufficient support to adopt the bill by the committee and move it to the House Rules Committee, who is charged with marking bills for floor action. Please pray that the mark-up occurs and the bill is scheduled for a vote in committee.



Ohio Department of Higher Education
The Chancellor of Higher Education is Randy Gardner, a former state Senator from Bowling Green. Appointed by Governor DeWine from his Senate seat earlier this year, Gardner has a background in education as a teacher and has also been a realtor. While serving in the Legislature (both in the House and the Senate) Gardner was a consistent Pro-Life vote. The Chancellor, a Cabinet position, advises the Governor on higher education policy and implements the Governor's plan to make college more affordable for Ohioans and drive the state's economic advancement through the public universities and colleges of Ohio, the state's network of public universities, regional campuses, community colleges, and adult workforce and adult education centers. The Chancellor is responsible for all of these areas, including authorizing and approving new degree programs and managing state-funded financial aid programs.
Senator Hearcel Craig (D) 
Senator Hearcel Craig represents the 15th state Senate District from Columbus. He formerly served two terms in the Ohio House and on Columbus City Council. Craig is an Army veteran and had a career with the Ohio Department of Youth Services and developed the City Year program in Columbus. He is the Ranking member on both the Insurance/Financial Institutions and the Government Oversight and Reform Committee. Craig's voting record has been consistently pro-abortion.
Representative Mary Lightbody (D) 
The first-term Representative of the 19th District from the northern suburbs of Columbus (Westerville) holds a PhD from The Ohio State University in Education and is an Assistant Professor and Senior Lecturer in the OSU College of Education. She serves on the Agriculture/Rural Development, Commerce & Labor, and Higher Education Committees. Lightbody has not introduced legislation to this point and has voted consistently pro-abortion.
Representative Scott Lipps (R) 
Warren County's 62nd District has re-elected Scott Lipps for a second term in Columbus. The former Mayor and Council member for the city of Franklin, he serves as the vice-chairman for the Ways and Means Committee. Lipps also serves on the Finance Committee, its Health and Human Services Subcommittee, and on the Health Committee. He has been a consistent Pro-Life vote during his tenure in office.
Representative Beth Liston (D) 
The first-term member from Franklin County's 21st House District (Dublin) is an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at the Ohio State University. Liston holds a B.S. in Biochemistry from Notre Dame University and an MD and PhD from The Ohio State University. Liston is a member of the Aging and Long Term Care, Economic and Workforce Development and Health Committees. She is the primary sponsor of HB 165, to mandate Ohio adopt Health Education standards. Liston is a consistent and vocal abortion advocate and has voted consistently against Pro-Life legislation.

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