April 30, 2019


Once again, your support has made it possible to rescue monkeys in peril. Recently, Jungle Friends welcomed three marmosets who had been confiscated from a breeder, one  female and two males.  Biggie, Smalls, and Tupac arrived here on March 12, a long with a former "pet" capuchin, Draven

Biggie was so named because she was, well -- BIG! Soon, I realized that she arrived pregnant and in the "marmoset world" that usually means twins! In the past, this family had baby after baby stolen from them. While we do not want monkeys born into captivity, this would be the first time this family would be able to care for their children.
Biggie will not have her baby stolen from her this time!
Tupac is happily helping to care for his baby. 
Smalls is also helping the parents with the baby. 
Marmosets are the smallest monkeys in the world, you can only imagine how tiny these babies are! Watch the video of the first moments after they were born. If you look closely, you will spot them.
Jungle Friends Marmoset Delivers Twins!
Jungle Friends Marmoset Delivers Twins!
Unfortunately, part of this story is heartbreaking. Four days after the birth, one of the babies stopped clinging and was rushed to our veterinarian, and tragically died. The other baby is doing well and being carefully protected, taking turns riding on the backs of the entire family.

Biggie, Tupac, and Smalls were confiscated from a breeder. The marmosets probably suffered mentally and physically in these conditions, which probably led to Biggie delivering an unhealthy baby. Breeding monkeys causes unnecessary misery on a massive scale. This is a cruel and heartless business that must stop. 
Marmoset families all bear responsibility for the offspring. Baby will ride on their backs or stomachs of different family members.
Baby marmosets have a very strong cling reflex. They do not voluntarily leave their carrier's back for the first two weeks of life.
Biggie, Tupac, and Smalls are finally safe at Jungle Friends, the largest New World primate sanctuary in the U.S. Would you please consider becoming a monkey sponsor and help feed them, heal them, and give them a safe and secure home?
The parade of new residents is constant. If you cannot sponsor at this time, would you consider a one time donation? Every gift is important, whether it's $10, $100, or $1000. Honestly, a contribution of any amount would really help in our mission to provide your monkey friends with the lives they deserve. 
Life in captivity can never match the wild. But, we do everything possible to provide our monkeys a safe, forever home that is "Almost Wild". It is joyful to see them live as a monkey for the first time in their lives. They now have nothing to fear, and it is because of YOU!

Lindsey Jean
"Mayor of Munchkinland"

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