SBTC Expresses Members' Outrage Over NYC Mayor DeBlasio's Anti-Idling Fine Commission Program for Environmental Vigilantes
The SBTC took to Twitter this evening to let rock star Billy Idol-- the new poster boy (" Billy Never Idles ") for what SBTC Executive Director James Lamb contends is New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio's Corrupt Revenue Share Deal that puts city fine revenue into the hands of individual citizens looking to enrich themselves by "ratting out truckers"-- have it. DeBalsio has enlisted the support of what Lamb calls ' Environmental Vigilantes ' to enforce New York City's Anti-Idling ordinance by paying New York City residents 25% of the fines that result from video evidence of trucks idling more than 3 minutes that are essentially submitted by rogue bounty hunters to city enforcement personnel in exchange for a cash award.

that suggests the city has "lost their mind."

The SBTC concurs.

Lamb says the city's "commissions for snitches" program is currently under formal SBTC legal review. He says there are a number of legal issues relating to the city's Anti-Idling ordinance being explored and that he believes city residents are being 'unjustly enriched' through the city's novel enforcement approach as they target hard working truckers supplying the city who are just trying to stay warm in their trucks in the subfreezing New York climate. The same goes for Summer time, Lamb says, when the temperature can break 100 degrees. Lamb points to the fact that 40% of over-the-road truckers take pets with them on their journeys and that the health and welfare of these animals are jeopardized by the Mayor's policies.

"We question the Mayor's authority to pay residents to roam around the streets of New York as if they're trained city police officers and doubt this program would withstand judicial scrutiny,"
Lamb said this evening.

"You know, with a 17% increase in crime in New York City as of January, mainly due to a 28.8% increase in shooting, burglaries, assaults and grand larcenies including auto theft, due to the state's foolish decision to eliminate bail, you would think Mayor BeBlasio has much bigger problems to deal with than idling and doesn't have the luxury to go dancing around the city with Billy Idol,"
Lamb added.

In the meantime, Lamb is publicly poking fun at both Idol and DeBlasio on social media using the Twitter Hashtags:




"We liked it better when you were dancing with yourself."

Watch for more as this issue develops...

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