Exciting News: CASE Receives Funding for Parent Partners Program!

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Evanston Citizens for Appropriate Special Education (CASE) provides advocacy, support and education to improve the lives of Evanston families impacted by disability.


CASE is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.



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CASE Receives Funding for Parent Partners Program
Evanston CASE is thrilled to announce that it will receive funding to launch a Parent Partners Program! In collaboration with The James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy, we will train volunteer "parent partners" to provide meaningful support and guidance to other parents in special education meetings. This peer support will reduce the isolation, stress, and lack of information that parents of children with disabilities often experience in these high stakes meetings. Ultimately, this program will educate and empower both the "parent partners" and the "parent participants," shifting the informational and power imbalance at special education meetings, and equipping both parties with the skills to secure appropriate special education services for Evanston children with disabilities. This essential service will be offered free of charge.
On May 31st, at the Evanston Community Foundation Grant Celebration, the Moran Center was awarded a responsive grant to collaborate with CASE to implement this much needed program. CASE is delighted to be working with the Moran Center on this project. Our vision for this program aligns neatly with the Moran Center's Special Education Legal Advocacy Project, which serves low-income Evanston families struggling to access educational services.
CASE extends its sincere gratitude to the Evanston Community Foundation for providing the funding support to transform this long-held dream of a Parent Partner program into a reality.  The Evanston Community Foundation helps Evanston thrive now and forever as a vibrant, inclusive and just community.  It builds connects, and distributes resources and knowledge through local organizations for the common good.  The Foundation builds endowments for current and future opportunities, fosters private philanthropy, focuses the impact of collective giving, finds solutions to community challenges, allocates grants, and provides leadership training. For more information about the Evanston Community Foundation, visit www.evanstonforever.org.  

To learn more about the Moran Center's services, visit  https://moran-center.org/

If you are interested in volunteering for the Parent Partners training, contact us at info@evanstoncase.org.