September Newsletter: Issue #21

Here's What's New With QuickBooks 
Desktop Pro and Premier 2019

QuickBooks Desktop 2019 was just released!  

QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise have been upgraded with new features, here is a quick recap of what to expect: 
  • Filter to include/exclude inactive inventory items
  • Easily manage bills with a new consolidated view of outstanding invoices
  • Invoice status tracker provides real-time statuses on your invoices
  • Ability to transfer credits across customer jobs in one-click
And in coming issues, we'll discuss how you can access these features.

2019 Torrance Business Expo

We're getting ready for this year's Torrance Business Expo!!  Accounting Therapy gets a booth every year and our team looks forward to meeting new people and giving away prizes to attendees.  

We hope to see you there!  

One of our giveaways to look forward to...cookies!!

Also Stay Tuned For QuickBooks Connect 2019!...

Accounting Therapy is Moving!

The team will be going remote and no longer at the 
located at 24404 S Vermont Ave in Harbor City.  

More details coming soon...

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What's New With QuickBooks Enterprise 2019

QuickBooks Enterprise 2019 has been upgraded with the same features listed above in the Pro and Premier softwares, but in addition the following are new to Enterprise specifically: 
  • Enhancements to employee sick and vacation time
  • More user settings available that prevent access to sensitive info 
  • For Platinum users, enhanced 'Pick, Pack and Ship' inventory features
The QuickBooks Enterprise offer below is the most recent promo
available.  Ends this week, on Friday, September 14th:
QuickBooks Promo
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What's New in Mac QuickBooks Desktop 2019

That's right, a new version of Mac too!  New features include: 
  • iCloud Document Sharing
  • Reconcile Discrepancy
  • Past Due Stamps
  • Customer and Vendor Center Email Tracking
Contact us if you're interested in upgrading.  
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Why doesn't QuickBooks Online have an update?  

QuickBooks users get their accounts updated automatically with their subscription, as the software is improved by there's no need to wait for the next release to get the best available updates!

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