Important Errors in the Ballot Recommendations
in August 1 edition of News !

The correct recommendations from League Florida are included here. You can find the rationale for League positions by clicking the button below.
Amendment #1     NO     Increases the Homestead Tax Exemption that could result in a cut in local services

Amendment #2      NO     Retains the current cap of 10% annual increase for Non-Homesteaded Properties 

Amendment #3      YES      Requires a citizen initiative to approve future casino gambling in Florida

Amendment #4     YES     Repairs Florida’s broken electoral system that currently exclude 1.5 million Florida citizens from voting. 

Amendment #5     NO    Would require a supermajority (2/3) vote in the State Legislature to impose or raise state taxes or fees, potentially resulting in a cut-back in services.

Revision #6      NO     Misleadingly deals with crime victims’ rights, mandatory retirement age of judges, interpretation of laws by judges

Revision #7      NO   Bundles together unnecessary, unrelated issues on the State College System, voting by the University Board of Trustees, survivor benefits for responder and military survivors

Revision #8      NO     permits the Legislature to create a parallel system of charter schools without any oversight by local school boards, establishes School Board term limits, civic literacy.

Revision #9      YES      prohibits oil drilling beneath Florida’s state-controlled waters and prohibits use of e-cigarettes (vaping) in indoor workplaces

Revision #10     NO    limits home-rule and contains two additional unnecessary and redundant changes

Revision #11     NO POSITION    repeals obsolete provisions or deletes language in the Constitution that is no longer being enforced.

Revision #12     NO POSITION     deals with lobbying and abuse of office by public officers

Revision #13      NO   ends commercial dog racing involving wagering.