An Update on Highfields' Residential Treatment Program
Winter 2016 - In This Issue:

"No one can make you make a bad decision. You are in control of your own life." 

- Carlton Valentine, J.W. Sexton High School Varsity Basketball Coach
Highfields basketball team proudly wears the new uniforms purchased from generous donors at the 2015 Highfields Annual Golf Outing.

From left to right: Zachary Scott, Erick Vasquez, Eric Beason

Moving in the Right Direction
   For some kids, there's no place like home. For K'lub, there's no place to call home. Thanks to your support, K'lub found a sanctuary at Highfields residential treatment facility. 
   K'lub has been on the move for most of his life. He was placed into foster care when he was 10 years old because his mother lost her rights due to a drug addiction. K'lub moved in and out of more foster homes than he can count. He was angry, scared and alone, until he found his way to Highfields.
   "Highfields is like a family to me," said K'lub. "If I didn't have Highfields, I'd be all alone...I don't know where I would be."
   K'lub thinks back to his time as a foster child. He describes himself as a "troublemaker" who was defiant towards his foster parents, refused to listen to authority, and got into multiple fights at school. 

"Highfields taught me that I can always do better...If I put my mind to anything I can do it."
- K'lub Spencer
Highfields Celebrates Black History Month
World Champion Powerlifter and former Highfields Employee, Eric Jones (below) speaks to the residential students in honor of Black History Month.
   To celebrate Black History Month Highfields invites speakers to campus to motivate the residential students. One speaker in particular was Eric Jones, W orld Champion Powerlifter and former Highfields employee. 
   Highfields' Communication and Marketing Specialist, Laura Jurasek, had the privilege of sitting down with Eric and learned about his many passions - his family, his career, and most of all, helping underprivileged youth.
FamiliesBasketball Season Motivates Youth
    Every year Highfields' residential students are able to participate in a basketball league as part of the Michigan Alternative Athletic Association. Playing sports is a great way for the students to learn skills like team work, discipline, and dedication. This year, many of the kids who participated had never played organized basketball and it was a new experience for them.
   Residential Counselor and Head Basketball Coach Matt Rau said that because so many of the kids were inexperienced, it was a big learning process throughout the season. It taught them a lot about how to work together as a team. 
   "Although this was all very new for the students, I believe the kids learned what it takes to be a part of a team," said Matt. "Now many of the kids look forward to playing with their team." 
For more information or to make a referral, please contact:

Brian Philson
(517) 628-2287 ex. 371

Derek Hitchcock
Director of Residential Services
(517) 628-2287 ex. 323

Julie Duffey
Intake Coordinator
(517) 628-2287 ex. 321