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Diana O'Kelly, Township Supervisor

January 13, 2022

National Blood Shortage

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The Red Cross is facing a national blood crisis. Without more donors, hospitals may have to make tough decisions about which patients receive transfusions & who must wait. You can help. No matter your blood type, your donation is critically needed now:

Lake County Board Open Burning Restrictions in unincorporated Lake County

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The Lake County Board voted yesterday to enact permanent open burning restrictions within unincorporated Lake County. The new open burning restrictions go into effect on June 1, 2022. View their news release for more info:

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Message From Fremont Highway Commissioner, Alicia Dodd

Please wear High Vis clothing when walking at night. Much of our plowing is done in the dark—either after evening rush hour or in the early morning hours. Invariably, after every round, we comment on encountering pedestrians dressed in black, walking in the dark, and we thank our lucky stars that we saw them in time. If you must walk at night when it’s snowy, please wear high Vis clothing and remain clear of the road when the plow trucks are in your vicinity.

Free Health Screenings at Fremont Library

Wednesday, January 19 and February 16 from 10:00 am -1:00 pm

The mobile health vehicle from Rosalind Franklin University will offer a variety of free health screenings each month at the Fremont Library. Adults ages 18 and older; appointments not necessary.

Township Officials Scholarship Opportunity

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Each year, since 1989, the Township Officials of Illinois Scholarship Fund awards funds to graduating high school seniors to continue their education at Illinois colleges/universities. 

Click here for the application

50 and Older and Looking for Things to Do?

Click here to see the programs the Mundelein Park District has for Active Adults.

Eco Corner by Jenn Cameron

Whatever the cold winter season brings, keeping walkways, driveways, and roadways safe is a priority in order to continue our regular work and social activities.  Although rock salt (sodium chloride) is most commonly used as a de-icing product, when it is overused damage can result to hard surfaces and surrounding land and water environments. 

Excess salt dust on land can chemically burn or kill nearby plants, trees, and bushes (not to mention irritate the feet of pets), and when the spring thaw occurs salt residue can easily run off and contaminate local waterways and fragile ecosystems.  

There are alternative de-icing products on the market that are generally considered more eco-friendly than road salt (calcium chloride and others). Please be mindful of the quantity of rock salt you might use this winter or perhaps consider an alternative de-icing product which could be of environmental benefit across all seasons in Fremont Township!




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Electronic Recycling

Unincorporated Fremont Township residents may opt to have Groot provide curbside collection of up to six electronic items on the second Friday of each month. This is included in the cost of your service. You must schedule the pick up with Groot at 847 693-2700.

Items requiring more than one person to collect (including televisions over 50 pounds) will require an additional fee.

Mundelein residents should call 847 693-2700 to schedule electronic recycling pickup per the village contract.
Need to drop your items off? For more information go to
​Highway Department
Monday - Friday ​7:00 am to 3:00 pm
No cost to Lake County residents
​Business are prohibited

​​(excluding misc. cords and cables)

Monday - Friday​ 8:00 am to 3:00 pm​​
Saturday​ 8:00 am to NOON

No cost for Lake County residents
​Businesses are prohibited
​(excluding misc. cords and cables)
​Also Accepting:
Clothing, Textiles and Shoes,
​​Mixed Paper, Cardboard,
​Plastic Containers, Glass Bottles
​& Jars, Steel Cans, Food Scraps for Composting

Every Tuesday: 7:00 am to 1:00 pm

First Saturday of the month from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm

Closed on Legal Holidays
No cost for Lake County residents
Businesses are prohibited
(excluding misc. cords and cables)

Also Accepting:
Clothing, Textils and Shoes,
Polystyrene Foam: Cups, Containers & Packaging
(no foam packaging peanuts)
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
(limit of 8 fluorescent light bulbs per visit)

Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
Saturday 8:30 am to Noon

Closed on Legal Holidays
No cost for Lake County residents
Businesses are prohibited
(excluding misc. cords and cables)

Also Accepting:
Clothing, Textiles and Shoes,
Food Scraps for Composting

Your Donations Go To Local Rescues

The local animal shelters are in need of sheets, towels, small throw rugs and blankets. There is a bin on our front porch at 22385 Route 60, Mundelein, if you have any old bedding you would like to donate. No pillows! The donations get distributed to local shelters. We also accept leashes, collars, toys, pet food etc.

Recycle Items at Fremont Township

We accept yarn in our office.

We accept eyeglasses and hearing aids in our office.

We accept American Flags in our office.

Our shoe bin is also on our front porch and we are accepting shoes to be recycled and reused. Please tie them together.

The textile bin is also open and is located in our parking lot. Click here to see what we accept.

Email Us With Your Comments For Our Board of Trustees

If you have comments for our board, and can't make our meetings, please email Chris McCann at with your comments.

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Diana O'Kelly
Fremont Township Supervisor  

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