You may not want a lot for Christmas,
but there is one thing you need.
The NCSEA Summit offers networking,
and PDH are guaranteed.
You may be sad it was postponed,
or you may not have even known…
But the SEAoNY Board is here to make your wish come true…
All we want for Christmas is to hear from YOU!
Due 1/4/2022!
Call for NCSEA Summit Scholarship Applications
The SEAoNY Board of Directors is pleased to open the call for applications for scholarships to the National Council of Structural Engineers Association's annual Summit. The conference will be hosted at the Hilton Midtown in NYC February 14 to 17, 2021 with additional sessions offered virtually.

 Scholarship recipients will have their FULL REGISTRATION PAID, compliments of the SEAoNY Board. All members are welcome to apply. Mentors, please encourage your mentees! There will be scholarships designated to younger members, as well as “Upstate” members and applicants of diverse backgrounds. 
For consideration for the NCSEA Summit Scholarship, please submit a letter to the SEAoNY Board introducing yourself and explaining what aspect of the annual conference you are most looking forward to and why. Letters shall be no more than one page and submitted via email by 5 pm on Tuesday, January 4th to [email protected].  
For more information about the Summit, please visit .  

Happy Holidays!
Due 12/31/21!
Call For Abstracts: SEAoNY Annual Conference March 2022 

We are excited to announce the 2022 SEAoNY Annual Conference
will be virtual and held during March 2022.

Topic: Design Scenarios for a Changing World

Program Description: Structural engineers practicing in New York also often design projects located elsewhere and must learn to deal with a variety of environmental load scenarios, some of which involve ongoing evaluation of the effects of climate change. With this variety comes the need to anticipate uncommon design events and develop approaches to deal with unconventional structural demands. This year's topic will highlight the increased performance expectations we ask of our built environment, unusual design scenarios, both in New York City and across the country.

We hope you will send us your abstracts to help us plan an exciting annual conference.

  • Abstract (500-word limit)
  • Speaker(s) Bio
  • Presentation must be 45 minutes including a Q&A session
  • Optional - One image illustrating the topic (Image may be used to promote the event)

Items to consider when submitting abstracts:
  • Speaker(s) may be asked to be available to prerecord the session and be available for live Q&A.
  • Speaker(s) will need to provide some required session information for PDH filing by mid-January 2022.
  • SEAoNY will have deadlines for handouts(if applicable with your session) for late January 2022

Please email abstracts and inquiries to

The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2022

Upcoming Events
SEAoNY November Seminar:
The Parametric Genome – A Structural Approach
January 11, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM 
Zoom Webinar

Data has become an essential tool for decision-making in today’s modern world, across all industries. Clients are looking to engineers in all fields to deliver them the information necessary to make key business decisions and develop building designs. In the field of structural engineering, the presented data may vary; it may be structural steel tonnage for various floor framing configurations and column spacings, it may be economy scale applied to a repetitive connection type, it may be structural optimization for lateral drift or serviceability of a high-rise, or it may literally be anything else. The potential uses of data derived from computational, or computer-aided, algorithmic design are virtually limitless.

The computer-aided algorithmic design allows us, as designers, the ability to run millions (or even billions) of simulations to collect meaningful data. How this data is collected and presented is up to the user, but the ability to automatically run these simulations is there through the use of today’s computational power. 

During the presentation, we are going to touch on a few specific uses of algorithmic aided design; these examples are as follows:
  1.  Simple optimized parametric structural truss
  2. Simple optimized parametric structural steel bay designed for gravitational forces
  3. Drift and strength optimization of structural members in a high-rise commercial tower
  4.  Strength and deflection optimization of a parametric long-span dome roof
  5. Strength, deflection, and economy of scale optimization of a parametric geodesic sphere
  6.  Applying economy of scale to repetitive structural steel connection types
 a. Fabricated pieces
b. Castings

The possibilities of parametric design are relatively endless and we feel that all projects and firms, no matter how small or large, may benefit tremendously from this type of analysis and design methodology presented; our examples and topics will vary from simple to complex and offer unique opportunities for everyone in the audience to benefit from.

1 PDH offered

Registration Fees:
SEAoNY Members – Free
Non-Members – $15

Registration ends 3 pm, January 10, 2022
Engineers' Well-Being at Work Survey
Being Well, Being Me: Attaining eudaimonic well-being through multiple social identity inclusion

You are invited to take part in a research study conducted by Dr. Shaista Khilji and Rachael Flores at George Washington University. You are being asked if you want to take part in this study because you work as an engineer in the United States.