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"My dream is to see a full stadium of young people in my country who love the Lord and worship Him with their whole life. And now, Aaliyah will be one of them."
The Bible tells us that if we are quiet, even the rocks will cry out for the glory of God. Youth for Christ is moving into more and more “sensitive nations” so that the rocks will be drowned out by the chorus of Christ-followers all over the globe! Come along on a tour of some of the voices in four sensitive nations. (all names and photos have been changed to protect the identity of our staff and our youth)

“The day that Aaliyah said: ‘I, too, want to believe in God and live with Him,’ is a day I will not forget. Our team was running a series of lessons called ‘Crossfire’ and Aaliyah joined the study. Each lesson ends with prayer so that it is clear to everyone that we are Christians. After a month of lessons, Aaliyah became interested in the faith and made the declaration that she wanted to accept Christ! She comes from a Muslim family and her parents forbid her to go to church, so we are secretly meeting to study the Bible and talk about her relationship with Jesus. On her own, she is reading the Bible and spending time in prayer. She tries to serve with us where and when she can. Aaliyah is becoming a true disciple of Christ. My dream is to see a full stadium of young people in my country who love the Lord and worship Him with their whole life. And now, Aaliyah will be one of them.”

“I was a radical Muslim and I dreamed of participating in Jihad and even becoming an active member of ISIS. But then I met Jesus and my life radically changed.” For four years, Mirzo was associated with a terrorist group and was secretly studying the Koran in order to become a fighter against infidels. He was sure he was on the road to truth. And then he attended one of our summer camps. And then he attended one of our Bible studies! And then he knew he had to become a follower of Jesus, the real Truth and Life. Today, Mirzo is an 18-year-old new believer.

“Summer Camp 2017 was over and we were looking for visible fruit and transformed lives among the young participants. One month passed, and then two and four and we were starting to have doubt. Had we done our best? Had we shared clearly, simply, and urgently the message of Jesus? It looked like we were in the middle of a ‘fruitless season’ - but God had something more. A few days ago we received a photo with a message on it. ‘Do you recognize us?’ the message said. It was a photo of participants from Summer Camp 2016 who are still together and are still studying God’s Word!”
“For many years I have been praying and asking God for a place to meet daily with youth. In 2017 I received a response from the Almighty. Now we have a place where we are gathering with young people. Each day we play sports, build relationships, and tell them about Jesus. It is because of this place to meet that three young men are now studying the Bible and even attending church! I am continuing to pray for them and for the further development of the ministry. I place my hope in God that He will continue to connect us with the people who are ready to hear about Him. I am thankful that God answers the needs of His children in His perfect timing!”

Youth for Christ staff in sensitive nations have learned not to limit God. They are even praying for the rest of the world, that more great doors may be opened by God so that the Glory of God will be poured out upon each and every one of us.

Thank you for being a light to the darker places in our world. It truly is because of your donations that Youth for Christ can reach into the most sensitive of nations. Your support is helping to see Aaliyah’s dream come true, that there will someday be a whole stadium filled with youth in her nation who are following Christ.
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