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Getting Ready for Open Enrollment
Feds Again Extend Public Health Emergency
US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Becerra has officially renewed the national public health emergency declaration. The renewal went into effect October 18, 2021 for an additional 90 days which takes us into January 2022. This is the 7th time HHS has extended the emergency since it began on January 31, 2020. In our featured video, we explain the renewal and what to expect when the emergency ends.
Bridging the Gaps in Vaccine & Lifeline Equity
The pandemic has exposed health equity and social justice issues that include unequal access to vaccines and telecommunications. As part of an extensive outreach, education, and innovative in-reach campaign, ABC for Health and ABC for Rural Health are helping to better communicate information, resources, and support for vulnerable populations.

Many families are looking for help at times of overstressed budgets and rising concerns about staying connected to work, school, or doctors. Many may not realize telecommunications assistance – help paying phone and internet bills - is an option. Access to "Lifeline" or the "Emergency Broadband Benefit" provides an important bridge to fill gaps created by a loss of income, a loss of healthcare coverage, or loss of community-based social supports. 

If families you work with have questions about finding a vaccine or connecting to affordable internet, ABC for Health has updated its popular fact sheets, available to download and print. And remember to "Say it Forward!" Share these materials and help spread the word of useful resources across our state.
Now Hiring:
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Want to partner with families to promote health equity? Then join our team!

ABC for Health is a public interest law firm that promotes health equity and social justice. We help clients impacted by health disparities due to income, race, or poverty to connect to health care coverage and services in Wisconsin. ABC for Health seeks multiple positions to join its Madison, WI office:

Bilingual Health Benefits Assistant
Health Benefits Assistant
Staff Attorney

Review these open position postings on our employment webpage.

To apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to the attention of Brynne McBride, COO of ABC for Health, Inc. at