Open Health Newsletter
Issue 3, December 18, 2014

The Jacobson Group Endorsing Open Health


      The Jacobson Group, which has been providing the industry with payroll and production accounting services since 1990, has agreed to endorse Open Health to its clients.


      "After much searching for a viable ACA solution for our clients, we're happy to endorse Open Health," says Marcia Jacobson, owner, The Jacobson Group. 


      Open Health thanks The Jacobson Group for its confidence in, and support of, this important industry-wide offering.

An industry solution.

A simplified process.


The only insurance you can budget accurately.
  • ACA-compliant
  • Eliminates cost-allocation burden
  • No termination or rehire tracking by employer
  • Automates NOE and COBRA
  • Use any payroll services provider

We manage ACA.

You manage production.


For more information, please contact:
Shardell Cavaliere
Sr. Vice President, Client Services
(866) 491-4001
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About Open Health

      Cast & Crew Open Health provides employers with large-group pricing and benefits superior to market-based coverage that can be obtained elsewhere. The Plan's fee structure is based on a percentage of gross wag


      Coverage is provided through Anthem Blue Cross and includes HMO/PPO options as well as optional dental, vision and life.  


      Enrolled individuals will have access to the largest national network in the country, with more than 900,000 providers. Anthem members, moreover, have access to more than 90 percent of hospitals and 90 percent of physicians nationwide -- more than any other insurer.

Q&A With Shardell Cavaliere
on Open Health's First Month

      Cast & Crew Open Health, our unique Affordable Care Act-compliant health care insurance offering, has received a positive response in its first month. The Plan, introduced on November 4, brings to the industry several solutions -- simplified sign-up, budgeting and administrative responsibility -- not available from any other plan.


      Open Health provides coverage for all nonunion employees working in the entertainment industry. It is portable for the employer irrespective of payroll-service provider. It also is portable for employees who become covered under the Plan.


      Shardell Cavaliere, Senior Vice President, Client Relations at Cast & Crew Entertainment Services and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Plan, discusses Open Health's launch. 


Q.  It's only been a month.  How widely have you been able to introduce Open Health to the industry?      


      It's been a pretty extensive launch.


      To date, the Plan has been introduced to hundreds of companies faced with complying with the ACA's employer responsibility requirement that large employers provide health insurance for their employees, or pay a penalty.   

      The penalties are scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2015.   


Q.  How has the industry responded to Open Health? 


      We are delighted by the industry's enthusiastic response.  The Plan continues to attract interest as January 1, 2015, approaches.    


      This level of interest is evident in the number of companies that already have signed up. It is gratifying to be able to help employers determine their requirements under the ACA and answer their many questions.  


Q.  What reasons are new members giving you for choosing Open Health


     We are hearing similar reasons from large and small companies alike, and representing all sectors of the entertainment business.


      They believe the Plan is well priced, maintenance-free, solves an immediate problem and is a simple solution.


Q.  What are Cast & Crew's future plans in the area of health-benefits management?


     Open Health and Cast & Crew ACA SureTrack are just the first two offerings of what we hope will be a robust Cast & Crew Complete suite of benefits-management services in the future.


     We look forward to introducing additional Complete offerings in the months ahead and to continuing to meet the industry's very unique needs.