Priming the Pump

...hatred unmasked...

I've always been afraid of the Ku Klux Klan. But never have I been more afraid of them than in these past few weeks.

Talk of Grand Wizards and Invisible Empires causes me to shudder. Images of their white robes and burning crosses...the thought of midnight raids, beatings, whippings, mutilations and's horrifying.

The level of fear ratcheted up significantly when they marched without masks in Charlottesville. Removing their hoods demonstrated their emboldened sense of superiority, and their now diminished fear of being identified.

We have now seen in their faces, the unbridled hatred toward some of God's children. Call them whatever you choose: the Klan, Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, the Alt-right. Call them whatever you choose...but do not call them Christian! Let there be no mistake. They stand for everything Jesus stood against!

We could easily discuss how our nation arrived at such open bigotry and hatred...but now is not the time. That would be like the fire department discussing how a house caught on fire, before attempting to put the fire out!

May we pray for God's guidance as we stand tall in the face of bigotry and hatred. May we link arms in peaceful solidarity, protecting those who are most at risk.

No water today...just priming the pump.


Open Doors (worship / social)
Open Minds (education)
Open Hearts (mission)

Where's the Word "Church"?

Some have asked why our new logo doesn't incorporate the word "church." The primary reason is that New Song is attempting to reach those who have not felt either safe...or welcome in the traditional church. 

It is amazing how many folks have been hurt or alienated by churches in the past. In fact, many who claim to be atheist, admit they have taken that stance as a result of being excluded from organized religion. Evidence of this can be found in the names of some of our faster growing faith communities: Windsor, The Vineyard, The Journey, Elevation, Matthias Lot, and The Gathering.

Walk For Fallen Heroes
Please open your hearts to the Sarchett and McMillan families' special mission emphasis: Missouri Military Memorial Foundation. Join them as they walk in honor of Spc. Matthew Walker and other fallen soldiers on October 14th, 10am, Jefferson Barracks. If you sign up by 9/13 you'll receive a really cool t-shirt!

Please open your hearts to the Holguin and Faires families' special mission emphasis: Turners Syndrome Society. Join them as they walk in honor of Julia on October 14th, 11am, Our Lady of the Snows. Contact Amanda Holguin for more specifics!

Please open your hearts to those struggling with HIV/Aids or cancer by helping package food for delivery. We're scheduled to help on Saturday, September 23, 8-10am.

Please open your hearts to Anna Hupp and her family by coming together as a community united in the effort to raise the money needed to fund the cure for PKAN. Anna just turned 8 years old. Without this cure, it is unlikely that she will reach her 10th birthday.

Please come to the Bowl 4 Anna event at Crestwood Bowl on Sept 16 from 2-4:30. Church in the Park will follow at 5:30 at nearby Watson Trails Park. This is New Song's Kickoff for the 2017-2018 church year and we need everyone there!

Hamilton Christian Church Reunion
Saturday, September 30
11 AM to 3 PM

Former members of HCC are invited to a Potluck lunch (drinks and table service provided) to be held at Parkway United Church of Christ, 2841 N Ballas Road. Please feel free to bring pictures or other memories to share. If you cannot come, please feel free to send memories to be read at the reunion to Gerry Rogers (