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Is it just us, or was February 2013 even shorter and faster than usual? Maybe it's just us...  


The spring rains have started, and our Bloom Program for 3 - 5s is already starting to pop up! We're having our Spring Open House on Mar. 17 (we'll all be wearing green, of course!), and there's a neighbourhood Easter Egg hunt the very next week. 


On May 14, BC has a provincial election and we'd like you to take a moment to consider how awesome it would be if childcare was a political priority. The CCCABC has a proposal for an integrated early care and learning program that has been gaining momentum and you could play a role in bringing it to the main stage. We think it's important...


There's all that and more in the articles below, and anyway, it's only raining out. You might as well read it. :)

In this newsletter...

Spring Open House - Mar. 17, 2013
$10/day Childcare Proposal
Field Trip Success: Cambie Village Dental
Easter Egg Hunt - Mar. 23, 2013
Parent Resources
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Bloom Program Open House - Mar. 17, 2013

The new season for the Bloom Program is starting on Apr. 1, and we're so excited to tell you all about it. If you haven't been following Johanna's blog of the first season's adventures, you can check it out from the Projects Page. But maybe you would prefer to see the space for yourself!  
We're pleased to invite you to our Spring Season Open House on Mar. 17 from 11am - 2pm.
Get the details on our plans for the new season, meet the teacher, and sign up! The program is $550/mo., and families can choose when they'll come in, at least twice a week. You can even get a $150 discount when you pay for the whole season before Mar. 31. 
We'll be unveiling our brand new "Bloom Room" and class logo, and if you want more information, you can visit Bloom's Page of our website.

Integrated Early Care & Learning for BC


It's an election year, and Buddings is endorsing the Coalition for Child Care Advocates of BC's proposal for "$10/day daycare," and we'd like you to take a few moments to think about joining us on this. 

It's a complete overhaul of the childcare system in BC, with fees to parents capped, wages for Early Childhood Educators raised, parental leave after a birth extended, and a lot more. In short, it would recognize the formative role of early development, and provide BC families with a supportive structure, and funding, to raise healthy kids.

You know how long waiting lists are, and how expensive childcare is in Vancouver, but that is not even half of the detrimental impact our broken childcare system is having on BC families. Read more about it on our blog.

We want to do something about it. At least try! 

We're challenging all of our members with 3 tasks:
1. Educate yourself about the plan, the data, and impacts to families, finances, and business.

2. Endorse the plan yourself and share the information with all the families you know. We've got prepared postcards you can even leave at Buddings and we'll get them to Victoria on your behalf.

3. Join Buddings by writing a letter endorsing the plan on behalf of your business (any business can do this!) and help us make sure childcare is a priority for the next provincial government.
Special Thanks to Cambie Village Dental

This month, our preschoolers have been exploring their Winter's Journey through art, stories, imagination and... fun fur. :) They've been having a blast with Johanna, and she's been keeping track of their exciting progress on her Projects Page.

At the beginning of the month, they also took the first ever Buddings Field Trip and stopped in for a visit at Cambie Village Dental. It's a newly opened office at Cambie and 7th, servicing families and adults, with a full range of procedures available. 

The kids were buzzing about their visit for the whole day and we were really grateful for the chance to take them in. A huge thank you to Babita and all the staff who made our first field trip such a hit.

Easter Egg Hunt - Mar. 23, 2013


Before the Easter Bunny hops into town, he does a quick tour of City Square Mall to get all his supplies in order. But, you know that careless bunny. He drops as much as he collects on his way through. :)

On Saturday, Mar. 23, from noon to 3:00pm, the shopping centre at 12th and Cambie is setting up their annual Easter Egg Hunt for kids, with treats and prizes, and Buddings is a supporting partner. The event is a blast for preschoolers and toddlers, and if you haven't been to City Square lately, there are some gorgeous shops for parents, too. 
If you're in the neighbourhood, you should stop in and say hi!
Resources for Parents - You are not alone!


As you know, Buddings is a one-stop-shop when it comes to flexible care for toddlers and preschoolers, which means we do potty training, naps, and social etiquette classes, as well as separation training and language development, all in up to 40 hours per month. Phew. 

But we had to do a lot of research, and we've had wonderful opportunities to access all kinds of training, and make valuable connections with organizations that focus on these areas. There's tonnes of information available and no such thing as a silly question!

The Childbearing Society is a Vancouver not-for-profit that deals with all aspects of, well, childbearing. They offer classes for mothers and couples on everything from prenatal issues and nutrition, labour and birth, breastfeeding, postpartum, as well as a "crash course for dads."

There's also an interesting new series of monthly talks called PEP Talks (stands for Parenting Education Program) starting up next month at the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre called "Inspiring Great Parents." 

The first of the series is happening on Thursday, Mar. 7, presented by Lenore Skenazy (who used to write for MAD Magazine), and promises to be an entertaining lecture about how we can regain the perspective that allows us to trust our kids, our community and our own good-enough parenting. Tickets are $35/each or $130 for all four talks in the series. 

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