Open House General Information

At Open House you will:
  • Provide Proof of Residency - Important and Required for EVERY Family - even returning families
  • Purchase agenda planner - required for every student in grades 2nd-5th
  • Join the PTA, donate to the PTA
  • Sign up to volunteer
  • Shop for spirit wear
  • Complete your directory information
  • Find out your homeroom teacher (after you visit the cafeteria and the proof of residence table)
  • And much much more!
Open House Check-In Times - expect to spend 30-60 minutes at Open House

     8-10am : Last names N-Z
     9-11am : Last names H-M
     10-12pm : Last names A-G


School Supply Lists (if you didn't pre-purchase supplies)

Save Your Sanity with the 
Open House Fast Pass 
Wednesday, August 2nd, 8am-12pm 

Follow these steps to make your time at Open House as easy and stress-free as possible.  

Complete these Tasks Online before August 2nd!
Visit  Membership Toolkit to save time and qualify for a  FASTPASS through registration!

At  Membership Toolkit , you will.....
  • Provide contact information for you and your Briarlake student(s)  
  • Donate to the Beaver Boost
  • Order spirit wear
  • Join the PTA
  • Order your student's planner (required for 2nd-5th graders)
  • Pay class dues 
  • Confirm information for school directory
  • Order last year's yearbook if you missed your chance last year
Membership Toolkit closes at  the end of the day on  Tuesday, August 1stAfter that you must complete these tasks on a laptop in the cafeteria at Open House.

PRINT OUT your receipt from  Membership Toolkit and bring your receipt to Open House to get your Fast Pass! 

Save time...complete these tasks online! 

On August 2nd, check in at the Welcome table under the awning and head to the CAFETERIA
  • Completed Membership Toolkit online by August 1st at midnight? 
Show your receipt to the volunteers at the Welcome Table and get your fast pass
    1. Head in to the cafeteria to pick up information on everything from STEM activities to transportation to clubs.  You can also sign up for after-care (bring your checkbook!).
  • Did not complete Membership Toolkit online by August 1st at midnight? 
  1. Stop at the Welcome Table and pick up your check list of things to do inside
  2. Head in to the cafeteria to:
    • Update your directory information (this is required)
    • Donate to the Beaver Boost 
    • Shop for spirit wear
    • Join the PTA
    • Check out clubs and activities
    • Sign up for aftercare (bring your checkbook!) 
    • Pick up your carpool signs
    • Meet with the school nutrition manager (free and reduced lunch forms)
  • Then....
1.    On your way out of the cafeteria, s top by the FIRST GO CARD station and get your green "GO CARD #1"
2.     Head to the Proof of Residency table/New Family Registration Table in the hallways

Show Proof of Residency

When you're done in the cafeteria, head out into the hallway. 

If you are new to Briarlake, stop at the New Family Registration table (in front of the main office). 

If you are a returning family, stop at the Proof of Residency table (on the hall heading to the media center).  

If you only have a Pre-K student, you will go to the Pre-K classroom immediately after leaving the cafeteria. 

All families need to bring a copy of one these:
  • Current (July 2017) utility bill (gas, electric, or water bill) in the name of the homeowner that resides in the Briarlake attendance area. Phone bills will not be accepted.
  • A copy of the current apartment lease or current contract on a house or condominium in the Briarlake attendance area
Briarlake will retain proof of residency in your child's permanent folder.  Bring a copy the school can keep.­
Once you complete this step,  you will be given your  GO CARD #2 and  then head down to the classrooms to meet your teachers!

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