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Spring is springing up out there. Time to clean out your closets, re-organize your schedule, and start getting ready for the warm weather. Put our Spring Clothing Swap on your calendar for Apr. 7 and start ear marking clothing you want to trade. We'll have more details for you soon. 


At our end, we're dusting off our policies and introducing some changes that we want to take a moment to explain, including our new Spotlight on Buddings Businesses. We've even been digging deeper into the $10/day childcare plan and have some information to share.


The new season means our Bloom Program for 3 - 5s is about to launch into the Spring Session, and we're having an Open House on Mar. 17, so you can come check it out. 


Keep an eye out for crocuses, tulips, and early blooming daffodils this week. They're popping up everywhere! Share a moment with your child, enjoying the beauty of Spring.


In this newsletter...

Spring Open House - Mar. 17, 2013
New Policies - Effective Apr. 1, 2013
$10/day Childcare Proposal
Updating your Allergies and Profile
Easter Egg Hunt - Mar. 23, 2013
Buddings Business Spotlight
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Spring Open House - Mar. 17, 2013
We're pleased to invite you to our Spring Season Open House on Mar. 17 from 11am - 2pm.
Get the details on our plans for the new season of Bloom for 3 - 5s, meet the teacher, and sign up! The program is $550/mo., and families can choose when they'll come in, at least twice a week. You can even get a $150 discount when you pay for the whole season before Mar. 31. For more information, you can visit Bloom's Page of our website.
If you've applied recently, or have been wondering about Buddings Flexible Daycare, please stop in at the Open House! We'll be happy to show you around the centre, answer your questions, and help you sign up. 

New Policies Come into Effect on April 1, 2013

After a year in operations, we're taking the opportunity to apply what we've learned about providing a flexible service and introduce some new policies. 
All registered families will receive a link to download an electronic copy of our new Parent Handbook by Mar. 15, and have until Mar. 31 to review the new policies and file a signed consent to policies form. You can also find our current handbook and consent forms on the Forms Page of our website.

Read our summary of the changes and how they may affect you. Basically, we're asking for payments to be made by the 1st of the month.

Integrated Early Care & Learning for BC


Thank you so much to everyone who took some time this month to learn about the $10/day childcare plan. We were thrilled to answer your questions, provide information, and have the conversations with you over the past 2 weeks. 
We strongly believe that the current model for government spending is failing Canadian families, through increasingly high costs for housing, a competitive job market that requires longer and longer work days, and low access and prohibitive costs for essential services like childcare.
The $10/day childcare plan introduces a holistic solution that takes into account the needs and financial squeeze on BC families in 2013. It advocates for an investment of public funds to cap fees to parents, and extend the parental leave to 18 months, regardless of work history.
Can we afford this? 
This month, we had the opportunity to speak and ask questions about the plan to Lynell Anderson, a Certified General Accountant and the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) researcher who developed the costing model for the plan. Check out our blog to find out what we learned. 
Updating your Allergies and Profile Info


As you know, purchasing and booking time at Buddings goes through our website, making it easy and convenient for everyone. But, did you realize that you can also use the fields in the Buddings Account to keep us up-to-date with your family's changing needs?

Our daily schedule includes a complete list of the children's visit duration, allergies, likes and dislikes, and parent and emergency contact info. When you make changes to any of these fields, we receive the information immediately, and it's always linked to your child's name.

So, if you're trying a gluten- or dairy-free diet for a bit, or if you would prefer that your child not be given food after 4pm, or at all, add those requests to the Allergies field of your child's profile page. Does your child have an epi pen? A nap schedule, or specific potty routines? 

As much detail as you think we could use would be much appreciated. Why not take a few moments to login and update your profile page right now?  

Easter Egg Hunt - Mar. 23, 2013


Before the Easter Bunny hops into town, he does a quick tour of City Square Mall to get all his supplies in order. But, you know that careless bunny. He drops as much as he collects on his way through. :)

On Saturday, Mar. 23, from noon to 3:00pm, the shopping centre at 12th and Cambie is setting up their annual Easter Egg Hunt for kids, with treats and prizes, and Buddings is a supporting partner. The event is a blast for preschoolers and toddlers, and if you haven't been to City Square lately, there are some gorgeous shops for parents, too. 
If you're in the neighbourhood, you should stop in and say hi!
Introducing the Buddings Business Spotlight

We've been featured in the media and online a number of times. It's always fun to speak to different audiences, and explain our business in new ways. This month, Buddings was named Home Grown Hero in Nesting Journal by Aloe Designs and it got us thinking about community. 
Finding a balance between work and family is a big challenge, and Buddings is proud to be part of the solution for so many entrepreneurial young families. You support us, of course, and we'd like to make it easier to support each other, as well. 

This spring, we're launching a Member Directory where families can list their businesses and find other family-run services in a variety of industries. Self-employment among our members is high, and as long as you're looking for a computer tech or landscape design company, why not check to see if someone in our little daycare community can help you out?

To add your business, please send a note to Talia, that includes your industry designation, website, and if you have a jpg. of your logo handy, that would be helpful. 
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