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Come learn about the exciting process of
the analytic training and auditor programs!

Join Us Friday, Oct. 27, 2023
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM via Zoom

This free, online Open House will feature a panel who will review the criteria and process for admission, share their experience of training and of practicing after graduation.

We will also be describing our Auditor Program which provides an opportunity for individuals who are interested in expanding their knowledge of Jungian psychology and its application by attending classes and learning side by side with analytic training candidates.

There will be time for questions and answers and information about how to apply in time for the Spring 2024 semester.

We are also pleased to offer Scholarships to Further Racial Diversity. For more details, see below.


If you have ever wondered about psychoanalytic training, we invite you to join us for this informative evening.

For the Training Committee,
Rick Bouchard, LCSW, IAAP,
Director of Training

A rich mixture of dream interpretation, mythology, fairy tales, anthropology, spirituality, religion, literature and the arts together weave the tapestry of an individual’s work with a Jungian analyst.

The analyst’s knowledge in each of these areas, combined with their personal experience and imagination, facilitates the analysand’s efforts to find meaning in their symptoms and personal journey.

If the analyst and analysand’s efforts are to succeed, a deep understanding of the symbolic language and imagery of the
unconscious is essential.

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Our training program, training analysts since 1977, follows the original Jungian training model from Zürich: our program is one of the few graduate psychoanalytic training programs open to applicants without previous clinical training.

Scholarships to Further Racial Diversity
The Institute is now offering two Scholarships to Further Racial Diversity to new applicants for the training program at the Institute. To qualify, the applicant would either increase the racial diversity of our candidates-in-training or enrich the program through a record of outstanding clinical service to racially diverse populations.
The scholarship would cover the first two years of tuition in the training program, with a possibility of extending to three years. We also offer a reduction in the application fee and many of our analysts offer reduced fees for the training analysis, and for the 100 hours of analysis required before applying to the training program.
For more information, please contact the Institute office at or (617) 796-0108. 

To read more, click the Diversity Scholarship button below.

Scholarships to Further Racial Diversity
Contact Deborah Warfield, Administrator
or (617) 796-0108

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