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The Second Newsletter!

August 29, 2022| Issue 2

Flyer for the August 31 Open House

Open House this Week!

Hello Friends,

Please join us at 80 Charles Street this Wednesday, August 31 from 6:00 - 7:30 pm to chat and sample some wonderful pastries, cookies and desserts from intended future partner French Press (learn more about them below!). 

We are so excited to welcome people into our future space this week, and particularly looking forward to sharing the latest design drawings and plans for the business! A Sanctuary Cafe is very lucky to be supported by an incredible design and permitting team, and some of them will be present to answer any specific questions the community may have about our unique design and (extra) complicated permitting process. 

(Unfortunately, there won’t be any cats present at the Open House, but we’re working very hard to get the zoning relief needed to have cats on the premises!)

French Press drink next to a plate containing a raspberry danish, chocolate hazelnut meringue and citron tart

Introducing French Press

French Press is an amazing cafe in Needham that makes the best pastries and desserts! We hope to fill our pastry case with their delicious offerings when we open in Spring 2023, but you can have a first taste at our Open House this Wednesday. That evening’s menu will include the raspberry danish, citron tart and hazelnut meringue cookie shown in the photo above, along with mini croissants, chocolate mousse cups and other viennoiserie, European cookies and mini desserts. Worth every bite, we promise! 

The book Last Summer on State Street next to a plate containing a beautiful orange and chocolate entremets dessert

Currently Reading

Dirtbag, Massachusetts by Isaac Fitzgerald

How to Read Now by Elaine Castillo

Last Summer on State Street by Toya Wolfe

Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake

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Three stacked books with a plate on top containing a raspberry danish, hazelnut cookie and citron tart

Important Dates

Open House 

80 Charles Street

Wednesday, August 31 

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm 

Beacon Hill’s Fall Hillfest

Charles Street

Sunday, September 18

Noon - 4:00 pm

Kampbell the cat sitting on a perch mounted against an exposed brick wall
Kampbell as a kitten

Meet Kampbell! 

Kampbell Started Life Outside

Kampbell came to the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) as a kitten from a rural area outside of Boston. He had a feeder, but had never been inside and wasn’t comfortable with human interactions.

Kampbell’s Four Months at ARL

An initial vet examination showed wounds of unknown origin (WUO) around his neck, so he went through a state-mandated four month quarantine in the shelter. Initially, he spent most of his time in a crate and avoided human touch, but we* quickly discovered that once you did start petting him, he went “from hissy to kissy” in moments. He became a staff and volunteer favorite during his quarantine, and also got along with every cat we housed with him! With his sweet, affectionate personality and his particular talent for getting along with other cats, we knew he would thrive in a cat cafe environment, so adopting him was a no-brainer!

Additional Facts about Kampbell

  • Kampbell is about 14 months old and has the high energy and endless curiosity you would expect from an adolescent cat!
  • In addition to keeping himself impeccably clean, he loves grooming other cats and humans (including unsuspecting feet, noses and foreheads/hair).
  • His favorite toy is a stuffed yellow bird. You can often find him racing around with it in his mouth, and he will also drop it at your feet when he wants to chase after it (the higher/farther it’s thrown, the better!). 
  • Kampbell loves high places and always tries to claim the tallest perch available, where he will nap for hours. 

* We = Feline Behavior Modification Squad Volunteers at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Brittany Baker, the owner of A Sanctuary Cafe, has volunteered weekly at the ARL since July 2012.

Kampbell sitting at the top of a cat tree looking at his favorite toy, a stuffed yellow bird
Kampbell with his favorite toy, a stuffed yellow bird
Kampbell biting his favorite toy, a stuffed yellow bird

In Our Next Newsletter

  • Our Plans to Participate in Beacon Hill’s Annual Hillfest (September 18)
  • Why We’ve Decided to Have Permanent Resident Cats Instead of Adoptable Cats
  • Books!

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