Dear CASA families,
As CASA enters its 25th year providing quality soccer programming for children of all ages and skill levels, I am proud of the accomplishments our club, and our community, have made to bring a love of soccer to the Capital Area.
We first opened our doors in 1996. Today, the club provides soccer-related programs to nearly 1,200 players, including one of the largest recreational soccer programs in the region.
I returned to Harrisburg several years ago to help carry CASA through one of its most difficult times. I made the decision to come back to CASA and the mid-state (from sunny Miami, Florida) because I knew just how important this club was to our community. I was not sure how long I would be needed as the General Manager/Technical Director, but I knew I would be here as long as it took to ensure the club was in good shape, both financially and technically.
I am writing this open letter to say that I believe we are at that point.
I am confident in my belief that CASA’s future is bright, and the club is on a solid and sturdy footing. And I believe that now is my time to step aside as the club’s Technical Director.
In addition to knowing the club is in good hands, my decision to step back from a leadership role with the club is also personal. I am at a point where I would like to spend more time with my family.
I will remain connected to CASA, serving as a consultant to the club and coaching teams. And I plan to continue to be around the soccer fields as much as possible.

CASA will announce its new Technical Director later this week, and I believe the club will be in good hands with its new leadership in place.
Thank you to the families and players for their commitment to CASA and for allowing me the privilege of being part of you community over the past 25 years. I know our club’s future is bright, and I am grateful to have played a role in its success.