Open Letter to Public - Eaglecrest Golf Course
On behalf of Council, I wish to reaffirm that the Town of Qualicum Beach fully supports and encourages the continued operation of Eaglecrest Golf Course as an 18-hole golf course. We consider the golf course to be an integral part of our community, and we will continue to seek a compromise with the ownership at Eaglecrest to renew the lease agreements and keep the 18-hole course in operation.
At our last regular meeting, Council passed a resolution confirming our intention to not entertain any application that would undermine the current use of the 18-hole golf course. Our hope with this resolution is to provide certainty to the public that the Town has no desire to change the current operation of the golf course. We have heard from many members of our community expressing their concern about the potential loss of this important asset. We share your concerns and are dedicated to finding a solution that works for all parties.
The Town has apologized to the owners of Eaglecrest for any miscommunication around the lease renewal process and the delay this created. Our last communication with the owners included a proposed lease agreement that would see no increase in lease rates for 2021, and a 2% increase each year for the remaining four years of the agreement. The owners have indicated that this is not an offer they are willing to accept.
At this time, the Town has again reached out to Eaglecrest Golf Course to open dialogue on a resolution and are hopeful to hear back from the ownership.
For more information on the lease negotiations with Eaglecrest Golf Course including our FAQ’s, please visit the Town’s website at

Mayor Brian Wiese