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Arnold enjoying his
snow day!
2021 has already taken us Texans by surprise, waking up to a winter wonderland in our own backyard.

Some of our shelter dogs were thrilled to explore the icy yards while others were less than enthusiastic about venturing into the chilly unknown.

This was something unseen by not only many of the dogs in SETX, but the people too!

During the freeze and the weeks following, the shelter had no access to running water.

But, thanks to our amazing supporters we had cases and pallets of water brought to the shelter.

This allowed us to not only provide drinkable water to the animals but also keep their sleeping areas clean.

We continue to be so grateful for all those in the community who help us in our mission, to save and provide a better life for animals in SETX.

So far this year we have...
Adopted out 104
cats and dogs

Transferred 44
cats and dogs to
our rescue partners!
As temperatures dropped we received a frantic call about a dog living under an abandoned trailer and had just delivered puppies.
With night coming we knew we had to act fast.

One of our foster families stepped up to care for this little family, now we just them out from under the trailer. With some patience and dedicated volunteers we were able to get them safely out!

Thank you Daniel's Family for opening your heart and home! #fosteringsaveslives
Mother and puppies are doing fabulous! The puppies are happy, healthy, and are starting to open their eyes!
Many of us have experienced the ''freshmen 15'' over the last year dealing with Covid-19, and our pets are no exception!

Coffee is an owner surrender who is CHONKY. Although we love all the extra coffee there is to love, for her own health she needs to lose a few pounds.

She is on a special diet/feeding schedule, and spends time 'working out' by walking around the cat room.

Coffee is not please with this.
Through our Share Food Program we have been able to help countless families so far this year who are struggling to feed their pets.

This program is designed to help those who need assistance providing food for their pets.

We also partner with a few different programs geared towards seniors and the homeless that drops off pet food.

The program runs by donations, when people in the community donate pet food it is put into our Share Food Program.
The Williams family has been volunteering with HSSET for many years. This family has done everything from fostering litters of homeless kittens to transporting animals to rescue partners in Austin.

Aaron Williams runs a dog training facility and has volunteered his time to work with some of our shelter dogs to help not only get them adopted, but keep them adopted!

Thank you Williams family and Southeast Texas Dog Trainer for being such dedicated volunteers!