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CYSP Magic Mountain Trip
This past weekend our mentors and students participating in CYSP took a trip to Magic Mountain where they enjoyed Go Cart racing  and Laser Tag. Students were also given 20 tokens to use in the arcade. We have so much more in store for our mentees and we continue to hope that they find success and reap the benefits of the Concept Young Scholars Program.  


Special thanks to Mr. Nuri and our mentors for supervising during the trip!

Open Mic Next Tuesday
Next Tuesday, October 24th, we are inviting all of our students, grades 6 though 8, to share their talents in this year's first Open Mic Event. From singing and dancing to original raps and poems student will take the stage to express themselves in the company of their peers and families. Please join us 6pm promptly at the schools cafe area to enjoy the show. Light refreshments and raffles will accompany the show. Students who are interested should contact Mr. Spottswood to sign up. 

We can't wait to see you there!   

Big Truck Day

This week HSA Middle School co-hosted Truck Day with our HSA elementary school. All students wearing their hot pink hawk band had time to enjoy the festivities and purchase a refreshing Kona Ice. Truck  day is an event put on where service vehicles will be stationed around the parking lot and students will have an opportunity to learn more about each vehicle, its purpose, and the career path of the individual who uses the vehicle.
Special thanks to our community civil serviceman for participating in the event!  


Principal's Corner:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

At Horizon Science Academy we believe that recognizing and rewarding students for meeting school expectations is fundamental to the preservation of great discipline and maintaining a positive learning environment. With this ideology in mind we have incorporated a Merit system. Our Merit system is designed to reward students for meeting the behavior expectations of Horizon Science Academy:

  •    SAFETY
Students meeting the behavior expectations will be given Merit points resulting in rewards and privileges. Students not meeting the behavior expectations of Horizon Science Academy will receive Demerits. Merit and Demerit points will be accrued for the duration of the current grading period and will reset to zero at the start of each new grading period.  Merits will add to an individual student's point total and Demerits will take away from that balance.  A substantial accumulation of Demerits will result in a negative point total that will lead to additional consequences beyond the loss of points and the following actions will be taken:
  • 50 Demerit Points: Formal Warning of potential disciplinary action.
  • 75 Demerit Points: After school detention will be assigned.
  • 100 Demerit Points: In School Suspension will be assigned for one day.
  • Each additional 25 Demerit Points beyond 100 Demerits: In School Suspension will be assigned for one day.
Please be aware that a student may receive a greater consequence depending on the severity of the infraction.
Students are introduced to the HSA behavior expectations at the start of the school year. A considerable amount of time is spent teaching the expectations and modeling appropriate behavior, as well as practicing those behaviors. Students are provided the knowledge to successfully meet HSA's expectations and will be rewarded for doing so.

Important: Uniform Expectations!

Horizon Science Academy is a uniform school and all students are expected to follow the dress code all day, every day. Please be sure your child is in proper uniform each day before departing for school. If you have questions pertaining to the uniform please review the student handbook located in the front of your child's agenda. HSA staff will be checking to see that students are meeting the uniform expectations throughout the day. 
Here are some uniform highlights:

1. Students must wear a uniform shirt with the school logo and navy, black, or khaki pants/skirt; 
2. Uniform shirts must be tucked in; 
3. Pants may not be tight around the calves (remember: an inch to pinch); 
4. Hijabs must be solid black and have no ornamentation; 
5. Students may wear a solid black undershirt or cardigan;
6. Students may not wear a jacket, hoodie, or sweatshirt while indoors; 
7. Boots are not permitted until  December 1st.


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