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Join us Thursday for our Board of Governors Meeting!
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Thursday, May 8th, at 7:00pm
Christ's Church at Griffith Park
3852 Edenhurst Ave. 90039

To see the full agenda, please click here!
(Note: At the time this email was sent, the agenda has not yet been posted, please check back at the link above 72 hours prior to the meeting to view the agenda)

Thanks so much to everyone that came out to vote in the AVNC election on April 12th. Voter turnout more than doubled from our last election! See who the new board is here:
There is Still Time to Join the Neighborhood Council!
We have a number of important issues at our May 8th board meeting that we want to make sure that you know about.

There still remain four open Board seats. One seat, the Parks and Recreation Representative was not filled during the election last month. All stakeholders that attend the May 8th board meeting will be given an opportunity to vote for the that new representative. As well, there are three Special Interest Representative seats that will be appointed by the board at the meeting. For more information about the open seats and for the procedure on how to file for them, please click here. If you are interested in being appointed as a Special Interest Representative, or running for the Parks and Rec seat, please email Mario at by Monday evening at 7pm.

Appointing Officers
Once the new board has been completely filled at the meeting, the board will decide who the Co-Chairs, Treasurer and Secretary will be. Both Co-Chairs and the Treasurer must be board members, however, the Secretary position is open to stakeholders as well. 

Committees and Committee Chairs
Last but not least, Committee Chairs and Committee Members will be appointed by the board. The AVNC has several  committees that focus on important community issues. Stakeholders are always welcome to join the committees. Stakeholders can also be Committee Chairs.
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