Dear Open Streets Businesses, 

The Open Streets Initiative is currently scheduled to end on June 30, 2022. Business owners with temporary parklets who are interested in permanent parklets must communicate an intent to apply by January 31, 2022.  

Please note that permanent parklets have more stringent, structural and traffic safety requirements. Your temporary parklet is not considered a permanent structure and will need to be removed prior to constructing an approved permanent parklet. Existing open streets temporary parklets are not approved or designed to be permanent.

Please review the guidelines in the Parklet and Sidewalk Dining Handbook before completing the application. You can send the application and any questions about permanent parklets to:

REMINDER: Not all existing temporary parklet locations are eligible for the installation of a permanent parklet. Each request will be considered on an individual basis. 

Many businesses have requested for their temporary parklet to be removed by the City of Long Beach in order to better utilize existing parking. If you are interested in having your temporary parklet removed, please contact us at
Temporary Parklet and Sidewalk Dining Permit Requirements 
As a temporary parklet and sidewalk dining permit holder, please review the guidelines and requirements as listed in your temporary permit in order to remain in good standing with the City of Long Beach. 

If applicable, please update your ABC Temporary Catering Authorization, Updated Certificate of Insurance and Additional insured endorsement (CG 20 12 or CG 20 26 or equivalent) prior to the expiration date.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Open Streets Program team at or call 562-570-6331. 
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