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Kay, We heard you need to accept credit cards We offer several different ways to help you accept payments. Accept cards in person or by phone. We can even help you accept cards or checks directly from an invoice online we help you create! The PAX S80 below is probably the best option for you. You can swipe or dip the card for a quick transaction and we direct deposit the money into your account NEXT DAY! We need the business address and phone # and owners name and address and their SS#. We will need your checking account info for the direct deposit set up. We also need a photo of the inside and outside of your shop and a copy of your business license. You can take a photo of the business license the checking info and the shop and text them to me @ 301 748 5484. I can take the other business and owner info by phone and I will email you the enrollment agreement and the owner(s) can click to agree!!! We can set it all up in just a few days, ship you the terminal and when you get it you can call in for help setting up the machine and we will train you how to use it too! After that we offer 24 hour tech support for all of your questions!! Please look over the options and call or email me with your questions. Good Luck! Thank you James 301 748 5484
Charge Anywhere
Smart Phone System
Harbortouch has introduced a secure mobile payments application with an EMV reader, swipe device and optional Bluetooth receipt printer. Compatible with almost any phone.
This application enables merchants to quickly, easily and securely accept credit and debit payments through their smart phone or tablet anytime, anywhere. The reader and the App is $FREE!
1.49% for Debit Cards
2.38% for Rewards Cards
18c per transaction
$6 Monthly Statement
$6 Monthly Wireless Fee
$No Monthly Minimum

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The PAX D210 Wireless Processing System
The PAX D210 delivers unmatched security, portability and reliability in a lightweight, handheld form factor. Perfect for any business that operates on the go, the D210 wireless terminal enables mobile retailers to bring their products and services directly to their customers. It;s easy-to-use with a built-in thermal receipt printer.
1.49% for Debit Cards
2.38% for Rewards Cards
18c per transaction
$6 Monthly Statement
$19.99 Wireless Fee
Utilize our Advantage Program and accept all credit cards for $FREE!
or you pay 3.84% for all cards and your clients pay 4% and the total fees to you are $0.00 only for retail or mobile businesses who will see the card a majority of the time!

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PAX S80 is a great machine for credit card acceptance
The PAX S80
The PAX S80 is used by some of our biggest retail and service business clients. It accepts all EMV cards and Apple Pay. Your bank wants you to pay what? Ours is $FREE.00  
1.49% for Debit Cards
2.38% for Rewards Cards
14c per transaction
$6 Monthly Statement
Utilize our Advantage Program and accept all credit cards for $FREE!
or you pay 3.84% for all cards and your clients pay 4% and the total fees to you are $0.00 only for retail or mobile businesses who will see the card a majority of the time!

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Harbortouch Elite POS
Harbortouch Elite Complete
1 Terminal = $39.00 + tax = $41.34 per month
1 Software = Included
1 Receipt Printer & Cash Box for each terminal included
1 VX 805 Pin-Pad EMV & NFC for Chip Cards & ApplePay $FREE
Monthly Cost Per Terminal w/Software + Pin Pad + tax = $41.34

The Harbortouch POS system is the perfect tool to help make running your business easier and more profitable. Harbortouch combines the highest quality hardware with cutting edge software. 
It has never been easier to take advantage of the benefits of a point of sale system. Software solutions for Restaurants, Retail, Salons, Auto Repair, and Fast Food make it easy.

The software we offer with our Elite POS allows you to count your sales and the tax you collect. We also have software to help you manage your business. It offers a time clock for employees allowing you to count hours worked verses their hourly wage totaling the amount owed for pay.

  • Financial Overview: Overview report showing daily totals.
  • Ticket Detail: Lists all transactions for a certain time period.
  • Item Sales Summary: Provides an overview of sales by item.
  • Sales Summary By: Provides an overview of sales, filterable by department, item, employee, order type and customer.
  • Tender Type Summary: Lists the number of transactions for each tender type.
  • Quantity on Hand: Shows you how many of each item you have in stock. GET A TOP LEVEL VIEW OF YOUR BUSINESS WITH ROBUST REPORTING Harbortouch puts valuable data at your fingertips so that you can make more informed decisions about your business.
  • Discount Summary: Shows total discounts provided
  • Sales & Labor Summary: Shows sales and labor breakdown by hour.
  • Labor by Employee: Shows hours worked for each employee.
  • Labor by Employee by Job: Shows each employee’s overall hours worked and which job they were working during that time.
  • Labor Detail: Shows exactly when your employees clocked in and out, what job they were working, total hours, and total paid time.
  • Employee Directory: Lists all of your employees in the system.
  • Tax Form 4070: Shows all of your employees’ cash and credit tips.

I can provide a Demo at your convenience.

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eCommerce or Virtual Terminal
Accept Credit Cards from your Website or your Computer or your Smart Phone
Free Set Up
2.19% for Debit Cards
2.19% for Consumer Cards
2.19% for Rewards Cards
19c per transaction
$6 Monthly Statement
$6 Gateway Fee
No Minimum
Authorize.Net also has an invoice payment system where your customers can pay by check, or debit or credit card directly from an emailed invoice!
First, we help you register a domain (Web Address) that is easy to say and that says who you are and what your business does! Next, we put your best foot forward explaining why your product or service is worthy of their attention and how easy it is to get.
We close the deal by issuing a call to action to call for an appointment, or complete a contact form. That's when you work your magic and Close the DEAL! 

Need help with Bookkeeping? We’re Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors and know the software inside and out. We can help you tailor QuickBooks for your own individual needs, training you and configuring the software to really become an asset to help you run your business–not a liability.
We provide ongoing QuickBooks consulting and support to help you gain the most benefit while with the less stress!

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It's Never been more Important to get all of your Revenue and Expenses Accounted for
while having your Taxes Prepared Properly
Tax Preparation
We will analyze your situation and professionally prepare your taxes. We provide the maximum amount of attention with minimal stress for you! We’re here to help you achieve your dreams while reaching for the stars!
Sign up to accept credit cards and we will prepare your 2019 taxes for $FREE.00!!!

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