Open Your Focus
I remember taking some very early Myofascial Release classes when we were instructed to approach every person with an open focus. I have to admit that I had no idea what it meant, but when I learned more about it – it changed everything.

What if I told you that the key to healing and to having a more successful, calm and happy life is based on how we pay attention?

What??? What do you mean??

What if I told you that there are different ways to pay attention, and to use our attention, based on what we want to accomplish or heal. You see – two different goals.

Most of us are brought up to pay attention in a very narrow fashion, when we need to learn something, or when the situation asks us for a very intense and laser type of focus. Since many of us get rewarded for that way of paying attention, we wrongly assume it is the only mode of operation.

This mode of operation is meant only for short periods of time when we need to focus intensely to accomplish something or when there is an emergency, and we need to densely gather energy to act to survive the ordeal or to save someone else.

Living in a society filled with high anxiety and fear-based information and perception of the world, habitually teaches our nervous system to be in a constant fight and flight or freeze mode.
Most of us live in a highly compromised sympathetic mode where stress hormones flood our system, blood pressure is increased, blood vessels become constricted exceeding the capacity of the muscles to relax. That leads to chronic pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction.

If we continue living in this manner we are headed to disease, disorder in the body, chronic pain, anxiety, problems in relationships, being unhappy and unfulfilled, and we never really access our true genius.

Have we given any thought to the fact that we all posess healing and renewing capacities inside of ourselves and can live a much more rewarding life?

The narrow focus or trying or performing mode will never access those juicy abilities.

Living in this way we may never may know what is really possible for us.

When we learn how to pay attention in a more open, relaxed and fluid way, our nervous system starts to relax and switches to a more parasympathetic mode, which enhances healing, the blood vessel and muscles are relaxed, happy hormones are flooding our system, and we can start healing and living in a more fulfilling, calm and happy way.

Nothing from the outside needs to change.

All we need to change and learn is how to open our focus, and to pay attention, as our attention determines how our nervous system, which operates our body, works for us, or against us.

The key to any new habit or changing the programing is repetition! Self-Discipline and repetition are the two keys that will put you on a new path to healing.

I always want to make sure that you are aware of what is available to you that can help with your journey of life...

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In love and health 

Izabela Adamus, PT