"Reserve Park” will open next month at the former site of the C.R. Layton Army Reserve Center at 1125 NE 8th Ave. The Army occupied the center from 1953 until 2009.
While Reserve Park’s design is a result of extensive community outreach and neighborhood input, the City of Gainesville is seeking information from people whose lives were touched in some way by the Army Reserve Center. Perhaps you or a family member served in the 257th Movement Control Battalion which operated from the center? Or you have memories of specific events that occurred at the site?

Our goal is to create an interpretive sign to commemorate the site’s long association with the C.R. Layton Army Reserve Center. Photographs taken at the center while it was in operation would be particularly helpful. We would appreciate submissions by Jan. 10.

Please contact project manager for Wild Spaces Public Places, Peter McNiece at 352-514-8992 or at McNiecePR@CityofGainesville.org if you have any information you’re willing to share.