TOMORROW, May 7, 8:30 am – Sales Summit Organizational Meeting – It’s still not too late…The Sales Summit concept brings together sales professionals from the business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) marketplaces to look at sales from a human to human perspective (H2H). Sales is a profession and should be looked at this would you feel if your physician was still using tools from the 1950's? Our first meeting will pair us up with a group from Illinois next Wednesday, May 13 th at 9 am. For more information, contact Dave Moravec or visit our Registration Page

THIS FRIDAY, May 8 – Housing and Commercial Real Estate Concerns – A financial look at where we are and will be going into the later parts of 2020. Award winning syndicated talk show host and author Ilyce Glink will share her thoughts and we will hear from local resources about the coming economics around commercial and residential real estate. Please find the registration and ZOOM conference information here. Non-members are welcome to this forum.

NEXT MONDAY, May 11- Master Series ZOOM Conference – Valuable Chamber Membership Resources – 401K Benefits and Chamber Energy Program
Our business community has been hit hard by mandatory closures and safety measures required to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Many business owners are struggling to cover their bills and are asking for help and wondering what they can do. The Chamber Energy Program is available our members to help reduce their utility costs. On average, members are saving 15-20% and Rick Davidson (Community Energy Advisors) will be on hand to share how this can benefit you, your business and your employee’s residential gas and electric savings. Mike Wolterman (LongSchaefer) will also be our guest on Monday to share more details about how your business can take advantage of a 401K plan that not only helps attract & retain employees, but also address how it can benefit your overall business.   Be sure to watch for future topics in our Monday Master Series which will continue on May 19 with a presentation by Cincinnati Benefits Solutions on our Anthem Health Insurance, Dental and Disability benefits. Registration and ZOOM information can be found here.

NEXT TUESDAY, May 12 – Tuesday Women’s Networking Luncheon – Sylvia Dwertman from Visiting Angels will again be hosting this event in a virtual environment with the hope of getting back to an in person event as we open up restaurants again in June. This is a chance for the women of our community to gather and share ideas and network. For more information here: REGISTRATION and ZOOM INSTRUCTIONS

May 19 – Colerain Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting – As a reminder to our board of directors, we have moved our board meeting schedule  to Tuesday May 19 at 7 am. Going forward we will be meeting on the third Tuesday of the month. This is not an open meeting but rather a planning session for all appointed board members. If you have a topic or business matter that needs our attention, please contact David Denny, Chairman at or Dave Moravec at

Chamber of Commerce Golf League Another reminder to those that are interested in the Colerain Chamber of Commerce golf league, we will have delayed the season start to June 3 rd due to COVID-19 restrictions. If you have not yet signed up or would like to do so, please reach out to Dave Moravec at 309-838-1947 or We will begin the season with 2 weeks of position play with social distancing guidelines strictly enforced. For more information visit Chamber Golf Details