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We were given emotions to LIVE life, NOT destroy it 

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Vision Board Workshop



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Vision Board Workshop
Wednesday, October 14  
2p - 5p  

Hands on workshop includes board and materials. Manifest your dreams and goals into reality. Includes lunch.

Women's Retreat

Imagine ...  

...Floating your troubles away

...Renewing and refreshing your outlook on life

...Indulging in relaxation

...Bonding with like women

...Creating healthy boundaries

...Attracting more light and joy

Sandbridge, Oct. 22 - 25

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Happy Women Mastermind Group

Strong, Positive and Happy Women connecting and cultivating laughter.

Last Mastermind for 2015.
Wednesday Evenings
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CMON Get Happy Lunch and Learn
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3rd Tuesday 11:30a-1p
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EQ 4 Sales, Success & Networking Luncheon 


Greater Self Awareness

Better Self Management


Learn, Connect, Network 

 4th Monday, Oct. 26   

12pm - 1:30pm


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What does EQ have to do with managing change?


If you can create awareness of the way you respond to life events, such as change, and manage your response to the event you're well on your way to effectively managing change.

You've heard the saying, 'It's not what happens that matters but how you respond to it that really counts', increasing awareness is a vital key in managing how you respond.

EQ gives you the awareness and mindfulness you need to increase your ability to distinguish between the event that happens, and the way you respond to it. Simply being aware of your response means you can make changes that benefit you. Being emotionally intelligent allows you to manage your emotions such as anger, anxiety, frustration, and fear which in turn relieves stress in your life.
So, what does it mean to be emotionally intelligent?

EI has been coined by Daniel Goleman in 1995 the theory emphasizes the importance of awareness, control and management of our emotions and the emotions of other people.

The skills, sometimes referred to as learned competencies, are recognized as the fundamentals to success in leadership to your ability to manage life's curve balls - often defined as change. We are creatures of habit and naturally resist change. EQ gives you the tools needed to welcome change effectively.

Being emotionally intelligent includes the following abilities:  
  • Self Awareness: The ability to recognize and understand feelings and emotion, and the ability to understand your responses to situations and other people's actions.
  • Self-Management: The ability to choose how we think, how we feel, the actions we take, and to motivate ourselves; also known as self-regulation.
  • Social Awareness: The ability to recognize and understand the feelings and emotions of others. This includes skills in empathy.
  • Relationship Management: The ability to express your emotions and to communicate effectively.
These skills can be learned - and used well can help you manage change and achieve success in life.

Take an EQ-i2.0 self-assessment to discover your strengths and areas requiring development. Contact me today and I can administer your self-assessment today.

I wish you all joy and peace in your hearts and much love and happiness in your souls.

Love and JOY,

Joy Restoration Coaching Happiness
Sleeping is a very important part of everyone's life.

Actually, the things we do before we go to bed matter, too. Many people watch TV-shows till late at night, drink a couple of beers with chicken wings, check all the existing social networks or just work till they are too exhausted.

In fact, many happy people have special rituals to make this before-bed time pleasant and relaxing. They look forward to prepare themselves for sleep and to do that with pleasure. Here are some before-bed rituals that happy individuals tend to do every evening.

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Sometimes You're A Caterpillar
I have no idea what it's like to be a snail. Or a caterpillar. Or *you*.  "Check out this adorable cartoon that explains privilege in the most nonconfrontational way possible." 

Sometimes You're A Caterpillar
Sometimes You're A Caterpillar
Tip of the Month

Happiness by Choice©
This program can help you with that 40%.

The 7-Step Happiness by Choice© program gives you the tools and skills needed in order to make healthier choices even in the midst of drama, chaos, and toxicity.        

    1. Readiness - Get Ready for Happiness
    2. Forgiveness and Reconciliation
    3. Focus - Move from Negative to Positive
    4. Brain Sweep - Re-Program Your Brain
    5. Expand Comfort Zones
    6. Establish a Healthy Lifestyle
    7. Implement VOG - (values, objectives, goals)  

For details and registration information click here 

  Happiness by Choice© 

EQ Importance In Raising A Child, 14 Tips
Help Your Child Manage Emotions In A Healthy Way
Why is emotional intelligence so important in raising a child? Managing anxiety in order to tackle a big project, managing anger to work through a marital conflict, managing fear to apply for a job -- the ability of a human being to manage his or her emotions in a healthy way will determine the quality of his life in a much more fundamental way than his IQ. In fact, psychologists have come to call this ability EQ, or Emotional Intelligence Quotient.

What are the core components of high EQ? Emotional self knowledge and self acceptance, sensitivity to the cues of others, empathy (which can be defined as the ability to see and feel something from the other's point of view), and the ability to regulate one's own anxiety in order to talk about emotionally charged issues in a constructive way.
Your child's EQ begins with her relationship with you. How can you lay a solid foundation?

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Great Books To Read 
What you are plugged into and what you choose to engage in can play a big role in maintaining happiness and success.  Here are some great reads to feed your soul.

Curling up in your favorite recliner or swinging outside in the hammock getting lost in a good book is a great way to feed your happiness.  
The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity - by Edwene Gaines
An empowering message about the true meaning of prosperity-to help anyone achieve a life of material and spiritual abundance. Living at this exceptional level is not only possible-it's right there for you, Edwene Gaines explains, if only you abide by the four spiritual laws of prosperity.

Packed with tips and strategies for overriding the brain's natural negativity bias, this practical pocket guide will teach you to recognize your negative moods as early as possible and refocus your attention toward the people, pleasures, and thoughts that bring you the most joy.

The Snow-Ball Effect - How to Build Positive Momentum in Your Life 
  by Kristin Barton Cuthriell 
Imagine overcoming obstacles, moving past the pain, and feeling hopeful about your situation and your future. That is The Snowball Effect in action!

"This book offers a unique perspective on what it takes to move forward through life in teh most productive and positive way."
- Chrisanna Northrup,
New York Times bestseller 
Recipe of the Month
S tuffed Cabbage Rolls


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