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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share this information with you. Feel free to share it with your elected officials if you feel moved to do so.

Sending Blessings


By Alice Buehring,
Integrative Spiritual Life Coach,
Certified Healing Codes Practitioner
Energy Healer, Master Herbalist
Retired Certified Counselor
Retired CFO of large Hospice and Home Health Agency
October 10, 2021

Dear Elected Official:

Please stop all the vaccine mandates, they are ruining people's lives. Please stop the vaccine program in its entirety, they are proving to be lethal.

Yes, the SARS COVID 2 bug is serious, but early treatments are available and effective.--more effective than these vaccines and more effective than the current hospital-only treatments.

Unfortunately, those early treatments have been suppressed. That suppression has cost tens of thousands of lives in this country alone.

You can begin by working to:

·       Take the OSHA employer bankrupting fees noted on page 168 of the unconscionable 3.5 Trillion reconciliation spending bill OUT OF THERE.

·       Influence President Biden to reverse his Executive Orders on Vaccine Mandate--EO 14043

·       Influence President Biden to STOP all the misleading information making it seem like he has signed an Executive Order “requiring” all employers to mandate employees be fully vaccinated or lose their job. He has signed NO such executive order so far.

·       Better yet, STOP the COVID-19 vaccination programs entirely—they are proving to be lethal and are a “clear and present danger” to the life and future health of the citizens of this country.

Please actually read this and don’t just dump it in the anti-vaxxer pile, or you will miss vital information—AND I am NOT an anti-vaxxer. I would support the general idea of these vaccinations if they were actually “safe and effective.” --They are not—they are lethal.

A.    I support everyone’s right to choose any treatments, including vaccines, with informed consent, as is current law. This consent is not happening, discouraged, and replaced with the lie that the vaccine is “safe and effective.”

B.     The COVID-19 vaccines are NOT safe and NOT effective. Instead, these are experimental and dangerous. Even so, if people were fully informed and then consent to participation in this experimental drug clinical trial, I support their right to choose to get the vaccines if they are uncoerced and want them. However, I suggest informed consent is sorely lacking. The overwhelming coercion agenda is illegal, unethical, and immoral.

C.     Given what I have to show you here, these vaccines should NOT be mandated, period.

D.    Given what I have to show you here, in scientific fact, as supported by GOVERNMENT GENERATED REPORTS AND STATISTICS, these COVID-19 vaccines are unacceptably lethal and should be pulled from further distribution entirely.

You don’t have to believe me about the lethality of these vaccines; look at these governmentally generated reports.

A.     Take a look at this report compiled by Humetrix, Project Salus, JAIC, done with Department of Defense software, analyzing 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries PAID CLAIMS—Jan through Aug 2021. --Effectiveness of mRNA COVID -19 Vaccines Against the Delta Variant Among 5.6 million Medicare Beneficiaries 65 Years and Olde This is REAL ACTUAL GOVERNMENT DATA, housed on the DoD database. This 17 slide presentation shows profound contradictions compared to the information presented to the American people. It shows:

                                                   i.    The vaccines have seriously reduced effectiveness- for Delta variant in particular

                                                  ii.    Considering that the breakthrough case definitions include only those cases occurring no earlier than two weeks post second vaccine dose, the shocking numbers noted are seriously conservative. See presentation slide #5

See Exhibit A at the end of the article

                                                 iii.    On slide #7, you will notice that the unvaccinated are LESS vulnerable to getting the Delta variant than the FULLY vaccinated—“fully 71% of COVID19 cases occurred in FULLY VACCINATED individuals.”

                                                 iv.    See exhibit B, at end of the article

                                                  v.    On slide #12, you will notice that 60% of the COVID-19 HOSPITALIZATIONS occurred in FULLY vaccinated individuals. (So, saying this crisis is a pandemic of the unvaccinated is a lie. Saying that hospitals are overrun with ONLY the unvaccinated is a lie.)

                                                 vi.    See Exhibit C, at end of the article

                                               vii.    On slide #17, you will notice that those, who have had Covid before, have the LEAST risk of getting it again. (So, not considering the highly effective natural immunity of those who have survived COVID19—is just stupid.)
 viii.    See Exhibit D at end of the article

                                                 ix.    So much for these vaccines being effective. In reality, the vaccinated are even more vulnerable to getting the COVID delta and other variants than the unvaccinated.

                                                  x.    This is a weekly report. I would expect that you have access to it. I am providing you with this information—in case it is ALSO being withheld from YOU, not just the American People in general. If I can get it, you can get it.

b.     The FDA Food and Drug Administration Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research 167th Meeting of the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, 09/17/2021–agrees with me. This eight-plus-hour FDA meeting was held to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines and determine whether to approve a third booster shot. (You can see the whole eight-hour meeting here if you like:
                                                   i.    Here are a few highlights to save you time:
                                                  ii.    Please note that deaths noted in the underreported VAERS system show that COVID 19 vaccine deaths totaled more in these nine months than ALL vaccine deaths reported in total since the system’s inception.

                                                 iii.    See Exhibit E at end of the article

                                                 iv.    This graph was calculated in three different ways and shows that a minimum of two people dies from the vaccine compared to one life saved utilizing it. This is known as the Excess Death:Life ratio, and these numbers are unacceptable.
                                                  v.    See Exhibit F at end of the article

c.     The FDA committee presenter noted in this link shows even more deaths due to these “safe and effective” vaccines. At a minimum, the vaccines are killing two people to save one life—adding up to something like 150,000 deaths, as of that September meeting date. Hear and see that three to five-minute presentation—found at marker 4hrs 20 mins for your convenience.

Here is the kickerThe FDA committee voted 16 to 2 to DENY approval of a 3rd shot booster. That disapproval was overruled by CDC Director Rochelle Walenskyin her infinite wisdom. If she was NOT going to accept the ruling of appointed experts based on science, why did they bother with the meeting? Clearly, there is agenda here. Science is NOT being followed--another LIE.

Regarding CMS data, Medicare Claims Paid Data. You have or should have access to this information as well –note that there have been 48,465 deaths from COVID vaccines in the evaluated nine-month period. This report includes ONLY Medicare beneficiary deaths, a conservative number of these “safe and effective” vaccine deaths. These are real people for whom Medicare PAID claims related to their vaccine caused deaths.

See Exhibit G at end of the article

VAERS, which is notoriously underreported, shows 16,310 reported deaths, 23,712 reported permanent disability, 111,921 serious injuries, and 778,685 adverse event cases where the vaccine is for Covid19 as of 10/01/2021. (This site summarizes the data, though you can redo the search yourself at

See Exhibit H at end of the article

So, COVID 19 vaccines are not safe. In what world can these death numbers, even the underreported VAERS numbers, be considered safe or even reasonable collateral damage. Not acceptable. These are reports and numbers generated out of actual government data—NOT my opinion—they are facts. Yet this information is deliberately HIDDEN from American citizens.

My Concerns:
I find it difficult to imagine that anyone with access to this REAL information would continue to support these vaccines or mandates.
I am tired of the lies being shoved down our throats about this “vaccine” being “safe and effective.” from every direction and venue. It is neither.

To be clear, these lies are:
Covid 19 vaccines are safe and effective.
The hospitals are overrun by the unvaccinated.
The vaccinated need to be protected from the unvaccinated. —huh?
The vaccinated are safe from COVID 19 but still need to mask up and social distance. —again, huh?
(So, get in line and get your shots already, or be banished.)
Vaccine mandates are required to keep people safe—HIPPA regulations, constitutionally guaranteed human rights need not be considered. The government owns your body. You have no health freedom.

The truth is:
These vaccines are experimental gene-therapy drugs, still in the trial stages. The original clinical trials don’t end until 2023—the last time I looked, it was still 2021.
These vaccines were made available via Warp Speed, skipping traditional safety procedures.

These vaccines were given EUA approval illegally—given there were and are effective treatments available—THAT ACTUALLY WORK. If you read the regs, and I have, it is illegal to approve a drug for EUA under those circumstances. Here are the CDC guidelines for TREATMENT for COVID19. You’ll note Ivermectin IS listed right there under Remdesivir. And though I won’t go into it here, there are a significant number of studies and examples of protocols including Ivermectin that effectively treat COVID, reducing hospitalizations and death significantly MORE than the “no early treatment/ then Remdesivir/ventilator treatments” given in the hospital.  Withholding the information about early treatment protocols has cost tens of thousands of lives. I bet that’s a felony. Someone needs to investigate that. So, STOP telling us this is horse medicine only. Yes, vets use it too, but it has been on the WHO list of ESSENTIAL SAFE medicines FOR HUMANS, including babies, for decades.

The Comirnaty vaccine was also shortcut approved amid uncompleted clinical trial status, is currently unavailable in the US. The only vaccines available here are still under EUA status. The EUA status means, legally, everyone has the right to informed consent, including THE RIGHT TO REFUSE the EUA vaccines without coercion or PUNISHMENT. The administration, FDA, and CDC are trying a “bait-and-switch” tactic here. That difference has financially devastating legal ramifications for anyone injured or killed by the EUA vaccine. I shudder to think that’s the point.

The administration is trying to require everyone to get this dangerous shot, under penalty of loss of job, future employment.
·       whether they already have immunity or not
·       whether they have religious or medical objection/exemptions or not
·       whether they don’t want to participate in this humungous human experiment or not
Whatever happened to our constitutionally guaranteed rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, FREEDOM to choose?

This is illegal.

This is unconstitutional.

This breaks international law.

These vaccines are scientifically verifiably dangerous to life and health, and the administration is trying to require everyone to get it? What’s the real agenda here? It certainly is NOT concern about people’s health.

The truth is:

·       These vaccines do NOT stop people from getting the virus or its variants.
·       These vaccines do NOT stop people from spreading the virus.
·       These vaccines are likely responsible for vaccine mutations, i.e., variants like the Delta variant, via the immune escape process.
·       Vaccinated people are now in more danger from the new variants than the unvaccinated.
·       With so many vaccinated people carrying a larger viral load and spreading it around, the unvaccinated need to be protected from the vaccinated--not the other way around.
·       Hospitals are filled with more vaccinated people than unvaccinated
·       Vaccinated people are getting sicker and more vulnerable to death than unvaccinated due to the vaccine’s effect on their immune systems and the antibody-dependent enhancement factor.

·       Those are the actual scientific FACTS—generated from government data, and I’m tired of all the lies.

When it comes to medical interventions, there is something called informed consent. This includes the right to say NO to any treatment. Informed consent is often neglected entirely at the point of vaccination. Even if the medical person tries to provide that information, they cannot, as a significant amount of the relevant data is not available for them to share, nor are all the ingredients listed.

I am further concerned:

The administration, CDC, NIH, NIAID, etc., all seem to think the government owns our bodies and gets to make medical decisions for us. (Say, how would you feel about ME making medical decisions for YOU?—NO?—Yeah, well, me too.)

Health Freedom and the right to freedom, in general, are at stake here. This administration does not have the right to take that away. That idea is illegal and unconstitutional, and people like me and I have had quite ENOUGH. And if you are in league with this--that is simply unthinkable, unconscionable, unforgivable, and at some point prosecutable. –And certainly informs our future voting behaviors.

The truth also is that though President Biden did sign an Executive Order mandating that federal employees and contractors etc., must get the vaccine, he has yet to sign the one “requiring” employers with 100 or more employees to get it.—though that message is being rammed down our throats ad nauseam. He’s somehow leaving it up to YOU to enact that page 168 OSHA fee thing, hidden amongst the rest of the 3.5 Trillion dollar monstrosity, to do that job for him. (NO I AM NOT A REPUBLICAN. I AM AN INDEPENDENT. What a sneaky trick.

I noticed congress members and staff are exempt, while the military is not. I find that interesting.

So, you, if you are a federally elected official, personally, are exempt. So, not my business, but did you get the shots? (Well, maybe it is my business. It seems everyone’s medical vaccine status is everyone else’s business--vaccine passports, er cards et al., regardless of HIPPA regulations these days.) So, if you did NOT get the shots, where do you get off supporting mandating everyone else get one? And if you did get those shots, I am so sorry. I hope you take note of remedies for early TREATMENT for COVID, Delta variant, so you don’t end up in all those horrific statistics I’ve just shared with you. The death stats I’ve brought to your attention are likely only the beginning of this horrendous fiasco. Because those shots just keep pumping out spike proteins. Just wait until the flu season hits, triggering antibody-dependent enhancement in those vaccinated immune systems. Again, I’m so sorry.

So I sincerely request of you:

STOP. Just stop supporting all this horrific nonsense.

Find a way to reverse President Biden’s mandate on federal employees to get those dangerous shots in any other current or future executive orders or legislation.

Get those OSHA fees noted on page 168 OUT of your 3.5 T reconciliation bill.

Get President Biden to stop or reverse any future mandates for anyone regarding COVID vaccines. They are lethal, illegal, and unconstitutional and will be shown to be that eventually. So why not stop the carnage now.

Get the CDC and the WHO to call a halt to these dangerous vaccines now. If they haven’t crossed the line already, they are close to tipping the scale to serious “crimes against humanity” level felony status. All this is entirely UNACCEPTABLE; the truth will come out. 

The way all of this has been handled is beyond the pale,

o  Deliberate suppression of effective early treatments,

o  Shortcutting safety and efficacy trials on experimental gene-therapy drugs and calling them vaccines,

o  Getting EUA status for those vaccines, illegally, as there were/are treatments available,

o  Shortcutting approval of Comirnaty vaccine, skipping much of the traditional process—while making people think the process was traditional,

o  Bait and switch tactics regarding Comirnaty vs. the EUA drugs/aka vaccines

o  Overriding expert opinion and scientific data/lack thereof, authorizing the 3rd booster

o  Recommending children get vaccinated when science does not recommend that

o  Mandating our workforce to take these experimental drugs, or lose their job, etc.

o  Encouraging censorship and severe harm to those experts working to disclose the truth about all this—Oh yes, this administration encouraged that deliberate suppression of TRUTH.

I cannot even begin to express just how unacceptable this all is.

May I remind you of Your Oath of Office—

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

Future votes are at stake here—mine and those I influence. I am Quintessential Middle America. I have and intend to keep my rights.
Think about it. Then, I can only hope that YOU choose to do the right thing.
 See the Exhibits below

Exhibit A


Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E
Exhibit F
Exhibit G
Exhibit H
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Bless You,

Alice Buehring
Integrative Spiritual Life Coach
Lifeforce Natural Healing Alternatives
Lifeforce Natural Healing Alternatives, LLC