How are you? These are difficult times we are living through.
My family has been effected by the pandemic as many other families have been, too. I am originally from Queens County, which is one of the 5 counties that make up New York City. My larger extended family is there along with dozens of friends and old neighbors. We also have family and friends in Long Island, both Nassau and Suffolk counties.
I live upstate NY in the beautiful Hudson Valley along with my husband and our adult son. My father lives very close to us, about a block away.
In my own family and at the warehouse, we practice safe social distancing and perform extra cleaning and disenfecting. My husband and our son work from home. My assistant lives with his parents and after working with me, goes on his XBox. I am letting you know this so you feel safe with ordering from The Sprout House.

I know many of you are new to sprouting. We offer many free downloadable guides on sprouting and growing microgreens.
If you can't download them or need them printed out, let me know.
Don't forget, you can always reach out to me ( or through the Contact Us page) if you have questions or concerns about sprouting. I have been sprouting since April 1986 and I can help you.
Here is the link to the guides: Downloadable Guides

Thank you for reviewing our products! They are fun to read and help customers make informed decisions.
Thank you for your patience in our shipping delays.
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All of the seeds that make up Mike's Mix are on sale for 25% off the regular retail price. These seeds are: Adzuki, Green Pea, French Lentils, Alfalfa, Radish, and Red Clover.
I have also put these seeds on sale:
Clover Mix
Best Crunchy Mix
Veggie Queen
Crimson Clover
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As the weather continues to warm and we can get more veggies from our gardens or famer's markets or CSA's. sprouts can be enjoyed all season long by adding them to our fresh veggies. By including a handful of just grown bean sprouts to newly picked salad greens you have added a powerhouse of dynamic nutrition including fiber and protein. Need a little something to put those radishes and cucumbers on? How about some clover sprouts as a bed of greens.
Late Spring and summer gatherings are a great time to share with others your love of sprouting. Salads and raw cold soups can be a delightful addition to pot lucks. You may be introducing someone to something that is new and delicious. Our growing community of sprouters can be found in all walks of life. Sprouting brings diverse people together and does not divide us. Make a bold inquiry and find out if your friends and neighbors are or were sprouters. Soak those seeds that you have hidden in your cabinets right now so that you can Spring into Sprouting along with the rest of us.
Your friend in sprouting
Sprout Lady Rita