I know many of you are new to sprouting. We offer many free downloadable guides on sprouting and growing microgreens.
If you can't download them or need them printed out, let me know.
Don't forget, you can always reach out to me (info@sprouthouse.com or through the Contact Us page) if you have questions or concerns about sprouting. I have been sprouting since April 1986 and I can help you.
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Jill Nussinow popularly known as The Veggie Queen and I, Sprout Lady Rita, will be hosting another sprouting Zoom class together this month.
Watch FB and Instagram and The Sprout House Blog for the specific details. This will be a general sprouting class.
As the weather continues to warm and we can get more veggies from our gardens or famer's markets or CSA's. sprouts can be enjoyed all season long by adding them to our fresh veggies. By including a handful of just grown bean sprouts to newly picked salad greens you have added a powerhouse of dynamic nutrition including fiber and protein. Need a little something to put those radishes and cucumbers on? How about some clover sprouts as a bed of greens.
A quick and delicious recipe for a mid-week meal.
I came home late from work one night last week and I forgot to buy the chicken I needed to make dinner.
We were supposed to have pesto pasta and chicken. Now, I had only the pesto pasta but I wanted to add some protein. I took a deep breath and just before I announced to the hubby I was going out again to buy chicken, I came across my jar of sprouted beans and I added that to the pesto pasta. It was so tasty - we ate everything, even the extras I made for lunch the next day. Quick, easy, delicious!
Late Spring and summer gatherings are a great time to share with others your love of sprouting. Sprouted salads and raw cold sprout soups can be a delightful addition to pot lucks. You may be introducing someone to something that is new and delicious. Our growing community of sprouters can be found in all walks of life. Sprouting brings diverse people together and does not divide us. Make a bold inquiry and find out if your friends and neighbors are or were sprouters. Soak those seeds that you have hidden in your cabinets right now so that you can Spring into Sprouting along with the rest of us.
Your friend in sprouting
Sprout Lady Rita