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June is National Safety Month
Did you know that in 2017 over 5,000 fatal workplace injuries were recorded in the US? According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, that's a 7% increase from 2015, and this is the the third consecutive annual increase. When it comes to workplace and equipment safety, Atlantic Lift Systems believes employers and employees in every industry play an important role in maintaining a safe working environment. In addition to wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at work and on the job site, the heat of summer means taking extra precautions against the physical effects of sun and heat when working outdoors or in hot indoor environments. Staying hydrated, practicing work/rest cycles, and knowing and looking out for the symptoms of heat related illness can help keep you feeling fit. Keeping equipment clean and in good working order also requires added caution in the summer months. OSHA reports that as much as 20% of those work related accidents in the construction industry result from equipment malfunction, and overheating is the #1 cause of equipment malfunction. As we head into the summer months, the sweltering temperatures and longer workdays will increase wear and tear on all types of equipment, which can lead to overheating. Review the following tips and practice daily equipment inspections to keep your equipment running safely and efficiently.


Coolant and Oil- Engines get hot & thirsty in summer. check for proper coolant level, coolant/water ratio and correct oil levels. Radiators must run full, so top it up.
Staying Safe During Hot Weather Project, 5 June 2015, Whirlwind Team
Grease- Heat reduces the adhesive properties of grease, so use thicker grease. Belts and Hoses -Take a look! Loose belts or discolored hoses are the first sign of overheating.
Brakes- Check them. Our humid and steamy summers can cause loss of break friction because brake components cannot absorb the added heat.
Tires- Check tire pressure regularly. Hot weather weakens tires & can cause blowouts.
Hydraulic System & Air Filters - Walk around the equipment and check for leaks, excess oil and grease, leaks around seals and loose belts. Don't forget to check out those air filters also.
Cooling System- Dust accumulates and causes clogs to inlets and outlets. The cooling system must be free of all dust and debris, so use compressed air daily to clean it.
Put Equipment Away - Store equipment in a dry shelter when possible. Sun and moisture speed up corrosion.
Finally, Use Equipment as Directed- and avoid overuse, especially on hot summer days! I t is important to remember that keeping our equipment in good working order keeps you safe too.
Staying Safe During Hot Weather Project, 5 June 2015, Whirlwind Team
Our Mission is Safety

The National Safety Council (NSC) eliminates preventable deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy

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Atlantic Lift Systems is Coming to Hampton!
We are pleased and proud to share that we are busily working behind the scenes to open our newest location of Atlantic Lift Systems at 325 E Street in Hampton. Currently, the building and lot are going through some renovations and we anticipate opening for business in July. Now, our full line of rental equipment will be conveniently available to our clients across the river. We hope you share our excitement about this new branch opening and please stop by and visit us at our Hampton location in the Copeland Industrial Park.
"I am incredibly excited about the growth potential this means for us, and whether you have been here for ten years or ten weeks I hope that like myself, you feel proud to be a part of our growing team and confident in the future success of Atlantic Lift Systems. " --Allan Haynsworth
Rental Fleet Update!
Opening a new branch means meeting our customers' needs with durable and reliable equipment, so we have added new equipment to our fleet! Some recently ordered pieces from JLG include: Telehandlers- from 5,000lb capacity w/ 18' Reach to 10,000lb capacity w/ 54' Reach, Boom Lifts-from 45' to 86' both articulating and straight JIB, Vertical Mast Lifts, and Scissor Lifts. Whether it's load capacity, lift height, engine horsepower, rough terrain or space constraints your dealing with on that next job site, remember that Atlantic Lift Systems has the rental equipment to satisfy your performance and productivity needs safety and efficiently.
Planning to Purchase New Equipment?
Lead Times are Extending!
According to industry market analysis, the industrial lifting equipment market is forecasted to grow significantly from 2018 to 2023. The increasing demand for lifting loads in the shipping industry, growing demand for forklifts in warehouse and logistics, and rising demand for cranes and hoists in construction are the key driving factors for this market growth. If an upcoming job means you will be in the market to purchase a new piece of JLG industrial or construction equipment, the lead time is spreading, so act now.
Economic Census Survey
Reminder: Business owners large and small were asked to submit the 2017 Economic Census by June 12th. Information collected from this census is used by the Federal Government to calculate an official five-year-measurement of American business and the economy. If you are a member of the American Rental Association, you can access ARA Rentalytics, a new rental specific forecasting & analytic service designed to provide valuable data on market conditions and economic trends in the equipment & rental industry.
We are Client Obsessed
At Atlantic Lift Systems we are client obsessed. While we constantly strive to give our clients the best service, product, and overall experience when renting from us, we understand that there is always room for improvement. We also believe our customers are our best resource for improving our level of service and customer satisfaction, so instead of telling you why you should choose us over our competitors, we are asking. Why our company? If you have rented from us, we invite you to click on the button below and shoot us an email with your answer.
Take Our Quick Survey
Atlantic Lift Systems Norfolk - Personal Protection Equipment Safety Challenge
Attention Employees:
The National Safety Council observes National Safety Month each June, but at Atlantic Lift Systems, safety is always a priority. To ensure safety for all, technicians and drivers are expected to keep a clean work area/vehicle with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on hand and ready to use. Personal Protective Equipment includes earplugs, gloves, safety vest and glasses, and appropriate attire, including steel toed boots. For the next three weeks, Dave Skelley, Director of Training, will select three techs or drivers at random to review PPE and workspace. If your PPE & area meet his safety check standards, you will be entered into a drawing to win a new neon colored Atlantic Lift Systems T-shirt and key chain! Drawings will be held weekly. Karen Hankins will do the same at our Richmond branch!
We are Pleased to Introduce our Newest Technicians
Justin Haley
Justin recently transitioned out of the Navy where he worked as an Aviation Boatswain's Equipment technician (ABE) for the past five years. Justin honed his skills working with pressurized hydraulic and pneumatic systems associated with military equipment ashore and afloat.
Bradley Lewis
Bradley recently joined Atlantic Lift Systems after serving in the Navy for ten years as an Aviation Boatswain's Handler (ABH). Bradley applied his technical skills working with naval aircraft. His career with the navy included working on the deck of aircraft carriers in all climactic conditions.
Matthew Lackey
Matthew recently transitioned out of the Navy where he worked as an Aviation Support Equipment Technician. Mathew applied his technical skills to electrical systems, gasoline and diesel systems, and hydraulic and pneumatic systems of various ground equipment.
And Welcome to our Newest Richmond Team Members
Tripp Burnham
Todd Reisner
Eric Greco
Tripp rece ntly moved to Richmond, Virginia from Georgia where he worked for six years at Six Flags. He possesses a high degree of skill and knowledge of many types of engines which includes all aspects of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems. He also has experience with carpentry, welding and small combustion engine maintenance and inspection. Tripp is our Parts and Rental Coordinator at our Richmond Branch.
Todd comes to us with a great deal of experience in the transportation and equipment industry. He has experience operating heavy equipment and he specializes in pre-trip inspections and transportation of heavy, over-dimensional permitted loads which includes 60 ton main cranes, counterweights, 16-foot wide barges, excavators and bulldozers. Todd is our new Delivery Driver at our Richmond Branch.
Eric has amassed years of experience in all aspects of business, including sales, operations, and training. In his last position as the Director of Field Sales and Training for Construction Labor Contractors, Eric led his team to substantial sales growth, exceeding EBITDA profitability three years running. Eric also owned and operated a temporary staffing company for seven years. Eric is our new Regional Sales Manager for our Richmond & Norfolk locations.
Good to Know
VSRA and ARA Events
V irginia Ship Repair is hosting Race Night at Langley Speedway this Saturday, June 16th. The VSRA has provided us with tickets and will be on site to ensure fun for the whole family with exciting games and prizes. Our Norfolk Branch employees Wayne, Brad, Justin, George, Mathew and Brandon plan on attending with their families. We hope you all enjoy this pre-fathers day event!
The American Rental Association will be hosting a Family Fun and Staff Appreciation Day at Kings Dominion in Richmond on Sunday, August 5, 2018. As a member company, we can purchase 16 tickets at $25 per ticket. Tickets include admission to the park and water park, all rides, attractions, shows, parking, and a buffet picnic lunch (1:30-2:30 pm) hosted by the ARA. Additional tickets are available for $48 per person. Children 2 and younger are free. T ickets will be mailed to member stores two weeks prior to the event and all tickets must be purchased by July 3rd. I f you are interested in purchasing one ticket for $25 please send me an email by clicking the lin k: Julie Hastings
Finally, with graduation time upon us, some of you may soon be facing the prospect of sending a child off to college. The ARA Foundation has a scholarship program for member employees and recently awarded $94,000, the largest amount of scholarship funds ever given, for the 2018-2019 school year. According to Connie Landon, Special Projects Editor for the American Rental Association, "T hese scholarships are from the ARA Foundation and its affiliates (primarily state associations) and are for employees and immediate family members of the business owner (son, daughter, spouse) who want a career in the rental industry. Applications will be available at the beginning of October. " Keep in mind that a career in the rental industry includes technicians, sales & service, finance, marketing, administrative & training. And if you missed applying for this school year, don't worry, October is right around the corner! For more information about these scholarships, click on the button below.
Supplier/Product Contests
Doosan to award tickets for MLB 2018 World Series
"How do you use construction equipment to make your community strong?”
" Doosan Infracore North America , Suwanee, Ga., is hosting a Hometown MVP Contest, which offers construction equipment owners and operators in the U.S. an opportunity to win four tickets for Game 4 of the 2018 Major League Baseball® World Series®, presented by YouTube TV.  To enter the contest, equipment owners and operators are asked to visit  and share their compelling stories.
...Entries will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Aug. 31. One entry per person, per month, will be accepted. Grand prize, first prize and second prize winners will be announced in October. 
One grand prize winner will receive the four MLB tickets, round-trip airfare for four and hotel accommodations for a two-night stay. One first prize winner and one second prize winner will receive a Doosan-themed prize pack. Doosan will announce weekly winners, who will each receive a MLB Doosan hat and will be in the running for the grand prize."
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Happy Fathers Day weekend to all the Super Dads out there!
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