We've made some exciting new changes
A New Direction

Dear All,
It's been a while since I sent out a Newsletter and this to let you know that we've decided to move in a new direction.

During the long silence I've been putting my ideas down in a book which is now finished, is at the publishers and is out early next year. It's called- HOW TO MAKE GOSPEL MUSIC WORK FOR YOU-

I'll be doing some give -aways, competitions and general promotion, so look out for this from the next issue on wards. Our other new initiatives includes, our updated website, a new gospel artist initiative and a 'live performance' element as part of our Artist Development Programme. Read more about this below and our other exciting developments.

Thanks as always for your support and prayers.

Roy Francis

This is an authoritative and informative book, which offers essential advice on how to make it in Gospel music. Let me guide you on how to succeed in gospel music in the UK.

·You want to know how to succeed with your music.
· You are starting out with your music and need help and guidance.
· You are at a loss at what to do with your music.
. Your CDs are not selling and you're not getting any bookings. 
. You are interested in the history of Black and Gospel music and want to know more about it.
We are looking for talented gospel artists to work with. Send us your music, a photo and some information about yourself. If we decide to work with you, we'll pay for your EP recording and social media marketing. Go to our website for more information.
Our updated website is full of new features. Sign up to join our Artist Development Programme, our new 'Live Performance Course' and see who is our Featured Guest Artist. Read also what we're saying in our fortnightly Newsletter.

When starting out, the first question any gospel artist should ask is what is the identity of my music and who is it aimed at? The clearer you are on this, the more you'll be able to target your music to where its likely to find the best support.

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