This was a month where I was once again reminded of the great importance of each and every gift we receive. Let me give you some details:

  1. TAP only has 10 monthly supporters. We have 10 churches or individuals that faithfully send a check to TAP every month. In 2019 we had an additional 30 churches or individuals that sent a gift to TAP - many of those a one time gift.
  2. The unexpected gifts; the love gifts, the special offerings - all of these are the heart and soul of our ministry. The monthly gifts allow us to pay our bills and have continuity from month to month - but it is the special gifts that show up at "just the right time" that allow us to ship more and more each year.
  3. As a Pastor I understand how difficult it is to grow your churches missionary budget and support. When cuts need to be made in a missions budget, we are more likely to cut home based missions over cutting support to those on foreign fields. I understand that. I have heard from several churches lately that used to partner with TAP, but due to cutbacks, had to suspend donations to our ministry.
  4. Due to this - I am going to be looking at alternative ways to support TAP for future growth. Here are some ideas we are working on:

*Fundraisers. This is the most used method of support for all Non-profits today.
Golf outings, Dinners, Walk-a-thons or more. Stay tuned.
* T-shirts. We have some Missions Emphasis T-shirts being created that can be
purchased with all proceeds going to TAP.
* TAP Sundays. We have one church that will take a special offering for TAP a
couple of times a year. Usually in an evening service or during a
Missions conference. Perhaps your church would consider this
as well.
* Legacy Gifts. Perhaps some will consider TAP in their will.
* Adopt-a-Box. This will be a program we will begin to allow individuals to
partner with a specific shipment and see exactly where their specific gift goes

Perhaps you have some ideas as well - if so - we would love to hear them! If you or your church would think of TAP even just once a year - I can honestly tell you that it means so, so much. Just today I received another letter from the Philippines with these words:

Dear Pastor Thomas and TAP ministries and faithful laborer in Christ,

"And the word of the Lord was published throughout all the region. Acts 13 :49"  

Greeting in the name our Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour.

May prayer for the Lord God bless your ministry and more blessing to come and continue propagating the gospel of Christ. 

Hi, Pstr. Thomas and TAP ministries, we inform to you the parcel with 2boxes will arrive safely in the meeting house contains the Bibles(Thompson bible) DVBS materials, crayon and books which i received today.

Thank you, Pstr. Thomas for kind and generous support for the work in bocaue mission, Im thankful for the concern for the work in bocaue thru materials which useful in the mission work. May prayer for the Lord God grant us our request and need in ministry.

In the month of February:
We were able to ship 2 cartons (60 lbs) of VBS materials and books to the Philippines (the ones mentioned in the above thank you)
We were able to ship 1 carton (30 ) lbs of books to Nigeria.
We were able to ship 2 cartons (58) lbs to books to CLI - the prison ministry.
Thank you for your continued support.

  • Pastor Wes Gunther, Director