Redwood Empire Food Bank Donation  

Last year the Redwood Empire Food Bank served 82,000 children, seniors and adults in coastal Northern California. This year the novel coronavirus outbreak, which has created massive unemployment, has doubled the need. According to a KCBS radio report by Jeffery Shaub, a month’s worth of food has been distributed in a single day. The sheer volume of food distributed, as much as 4,400 boxes in one day, required the National Guard to be deployed to help the 8,500 volunteers at 250 distribution sites. Redwood Region has donated $2,500 to the food bank to help feed those who are in need. According to the Food Bank’s website our donation will feed about 80 children or 40 senior couples for a month. Many of our members have already contributed personally, if you are able to as well, please do so at:
Upcoming Events
President's Message
Chip Witt

May 2020 President's Message
Since our last issue of der Reisenbaum, Redwood Region has seen a lot of firsts. On Tuesday, April 28th, the Redwood Region Board held its first entirely virtual, regular monthly meeting. On Sunday, May 3rd, the Redwood Region Autocross Chairs, Stacy O’Connell and Drew Powers, hosted our first ever Autocross Happy Hour via web conference. Both events started off in the planning feeling like compromises forced by circumstances, but both were so successful that I think they could be considered among the very best of the meetings/events we’ve held as a club. For me, it really served as a reminder of how special our members are, and how resilient true friendship can be in the face of adversity. In the case of both gatherings, it did me well to see the faces of some of my Porsche friends.
On April 30th, PCA National co-sponsored a great webinar with Hagerty and MotorpsortReg for PCA regional leadership. Its focus was to provide ideas to keep regional club membership engaged during our current stay-at-home crisis. A poll taken at the top of the call made it pretty clear that, in general, folks believe that the pandemic will impact the scope, participation, and procedures around events for some time to come...even once regional restrictions on social events are lifted. It was good to see, as it means there is a lot of pragmatism surrounding event planning moving into the near and mid-term across the entire PCA. The focus of everyone remains on doing all that we must to secure the health and safety of our members and communities while figuring out how best to get back to some of the “normal” aspects of club life we all enjoy so much and miss so terribly.
One of the interesting points made on the call was that the broader socialization of technologies that make face-to-face meetings possible without requiring physical presence will likely open up wider-spread possibilities for member inclusion longer-term. Because our current reality has stretched people to use tools to which they might not have had prior exposure, it has opened up avenues that can be leveraged for events, board meetings, and event committee meetings even after social distancing restrictions ease. While nothing can substitute for true face-to-face interaction, it is nice to have available options that can democratize involvement, and allow those that might not otherwise be able to participate in-person to join in more of our fun.
To the primary point of the webinar, several interesting ideas on events that do not require physical presence were covered. Ideas included:

  • Virtual Cars & Coffee - this could be an event where the cars are Hot Wheels and diecast models...or the real thing, but the idea is centered on the social aspects of coming together to talk about our cars.
  • Virtual Concours - this idea was centered primarily around diecast models and other "toys" that match or complement the real Porsches members own along the same lines as the C&C idea with a creative twist. One thing mentioned was the opportunity for a PCA Juniors tie-in for folks that have kids that are also trapped at home, eagerly looking for something to do. This could be a way to connect to a demographic with which we seldom get to interface during typical club events.
  • Virtual Museum Tours - "The Vault" (Hagerty) was mentioned specifically, but I'm sure there are several others. I think even the Porsche Museum is doing something online currently.
  • Sim Racing - This can be fun for drivers or spectators. The PCA Sim Racing program has grown significantly in recent months, but there is always room for more; having an growing number of drivers from regions across the U.S. begins to increase the likelihood of folks knowing someone participating, thus giving them someone for whom to cheer.

After discussing “the now”, some ideas for approaches to hosting events using proper social distancing once stay-at-home restrictions are lifted were discussed. Even once we can start going out, there will still likely be rules in place limiting direct contact, and there will still be those that remain very cautious (rightly so) about any social interactions for a while. Some ideas:

  • Tours - by virtualizing the morning briefing, moving to e-waivers (which are being worked on by PCA Insurance Chair and others w/ insurance companies), and making adjustments to post-tour meal gathering expectations, we should be able to enjoy many of the same types of driving tours that have become synonymous with PCA club life.
  • Gimmick Rallies, Photo Rallies, and Scavenger Hunts - these involve puzzles, photo hunts, or other creative ways to have fun and socialize while enjoying our Porsches. Many of these can be coupled with follow-up web conferencing gatherings to share the experience. I believe that our fearless club Vice President is actively putting together some ideas for a Redwood Gimmick Rally, so if you have experience or ideas on this type of event, I’m sure he’d appreciate your input.

The Redwood Region Board will continue to tease out these ideas to figure out what might work best for our club, and then work on planning and calendaring them in the coming weeks / months. As always, if you have additional ideas, questions, or want to know how you can help, please let me know .
Thank you, be well, and stay safe out there!

Chip Witt
President, Redwood Region
Porsche Club of America
From the Zone
Collin Fat
Zone 7 Representative

 Coronavirus Update

I hope that this column finds you all safe and in good health as we struggle to deal with the current pandemic both on a personal, business and club level. The pandemic has certainly caused club members and their region leadership concerns for their personal safety as well as life as it once was prior to the pandemic. With all regions in Zone 7 cancelling or rescheduling events as we enter spring, I know that many of you are itching to get back to normal. However, that does not seem likely as I sit and write this column just a week or so prior to California’s anticipated apex in regards to infections in our great state. Temporarily cancelled are events which we have come to expect from our region leadership such as dinners, cars and coffee gatherings, tours, track days, autocross events and tech sessions just to mention a few. The big question is when will we get back to normal? I am not an expert and our comeback is so dependent on what each of us does individually to help prevent the further spread of this virus. Keep the faith, we will get out of this and get back to normal soon. It will not happen overnight so be patient.

So what are some of the activities that you as a Porsche enthusiast can do to fuel your passion? Well, here in the state of California, all of us are under stay at home orders and may only venture out for essential activities such as going to work, caring for a loved one, going to the grocery store or going to the local pharmacy. Of course, activities such as riding your bike, jogging, or taking the dog for a walk are still allowed. My take on this is that it is ok to take your Porsche out for some exercise too but not in a group of 5-6 Porsches with friends on an unofficial Porsche Club drive. I highly recommend that this type of group activity be highly discouraged as anyone seeing a group of Porsches, regardless of the number, may associate this activity as flagrant disregard of prohibitions against group gatherings and a non- essential activity. Done solo, I think it not an egregious walk around of the stay at home order and no different from a cyclist going for a short ride. Besides, our Porsche still needs to be exercised too.

There are many other activities that you can take on at home while under the stay at home order and here are a few ideas to keep you busy;

  1. Detail your engine compartment
  2. Fully detail your car’s exterior with a clay bar, polish and some paint correction and a good application of wax
  3. Fully detail your car’s interior with a vacuum, carpet steam clean, leather cleaning and conditioning. Also include detailing of your seat rails, fresh air vents, door pockets, glove box, and center console storage.
  4. Pull your wheels off and give the inside barrels a thorough cleaning to rid wheels of that unsightly accumulation of brake dust and road debris.
  5. Organize your garage and go through old files and boxes that you have been keeping for years but are unlikely to ever need. Decluttering your storage will go a long way to keeping you positive.
  6. Write an article for your club newsletter. With many events cancelled there is not much to report on post event.
  7. Attend the next club board meeting. It could be as simple as attending virtually to see what your board does and the energy required to plan and re-schedule events.
  8. Support our local advertisers and sponsors. Even though that annual oil or brake fluid change is not due for a few months or miles, take it in early and show your support for our sponsors.
  9. Get bids on your current automobile coverage to insure that you are getting the best deal possible. Do an annual review of your current coverage. Is it all needed? Do you need a guaranteed value policy for that collector car?
  10. Post a short article on the club’s Facebook page about what you have been doing while under lock down and share any unique Porsche related activities you are thinking of participating in once the lock down ends.

At the PCA National, there have been several events that have been cancelled or rescheduled. Among the events that have been cancelled include several West Coast Club races and Treffen Broadmoor. Refunds have been issued for Treffen so watch your mail. National just announced the cancellation of Parade with refunds already in the works. I know that many members in the region have been looking forward to visiting the desert in late June but due to an abundance of caution and information that was provided by local health officials, it was decided the event be cancelled. Several club racing events across the Zone have been either cancelled or rescheduled including the Zone AX series at Marina April 25-26 th , and the club race at Thunderhill on April 25-26 th . In addition, Sacramento Valley Region has rescheduled their multi-day, multi-event CRAB event to May 2021 due to the issue with the coronavirus.

At the time of the writing of this column the Werks Reunion in August is still on schedule. Due to unforeseen issues with the current pandemic, events could be subject to change.

On a positive note, most region boards are meeting on a regular basis, though many in a virtual manner. All regions hope that Porsche Club activities can resume in earnest by June if not earlier. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and do our share to prevent the spread of the virus so that we can all return to enjoying our club activities.

One benefit from the social distancing and stay at home order issued by the state of California is that I have had the opportunity to attend several region board of director meetings via tele conference. These region board of directors meetings include Sierra Nevada, Golden Gate, and Diablo Regions. I am happy to report that these regions are working hard for their members and dealing with the havoc to event schedules.

Events of Interest

1      Loma Prieta Region 50th Anniversary Gala; March 28; register at MotorsportReg with keyword search for 'LPR'   Rescheduled to August 29.
2      West Coast Race Series Event #3, April 25-26, Auto Club Speedway, Fontana,  Cancelled
3      Zone 7 AX #2, April 25, Marina,  Cancelled (lost use of site)
4      Zone 7 AX #3, April 26, Marina,  Cancelled (lost use of site)
5      Zone 7 Concours #1, April 26, Porsche Livermore,  Cancelled
6      Zone 7 Concours #2, May 17, Porsche Fremont,  Cancelled
7      West Coast Race Series, May 22-24, WeatherTech Raceway, Laguna Seca,  to be rescheduled
8      West Coast Race Series, June 6-7,Utah Motorsports Campus, registration opens April 20
9      Zone 7 Concours #3, June 7, Porsche Rocklin
10   Zone 7 Tour by Shasta Region; June 11-15; SOLD OUT -  wait list in effect
11   Zone 7 AX #4, July 18, Alameda
12   Zone 7 Concours #4, July 19, Carmel Valley Community Park
13   Mammoth Tour by Sierra Nevada Region; July 24-26;registration opens May 1st or so
14   Zone 7 Concours #5, August 2, Reno
15   Werks Reunion in Monterey; August 14, featuring the Porsche 914; Registration will open mid-May.
16   PCA Fall Treffen at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia; September 16-19; Registration will open June 17.

Note that past Treffens have sold out in as little as one hour due to their growing popularity.
AX Happy Hour
stacyo headshot
Stacy O'Connell
AX Co-Director
If you’ve ever been to a Redwood Region autocross, you probably know the group meets up at a local restaurant after for some cold beers and snacks to share stories of the day, relive the good and bad of our runs and just enjoy each other’s company. 

Once COVID restrictions put the kibosh on our first AX of 2020, the idea was floated that we should get the gang together anyway over Zoom. The time was set for the late afternoon on what was to be our first AX of the year, May 3, and we put the word out on our website, social channels and emailed former autocross attendees.

It was great to get some of the old crew back together again. We chatted about drives people have been enjoying now that fewer cars are on the backroads, the work folks have been doing to their cars in anticipation of getting on course again and the new obsession of some: virtual racing. 

We’re hopeful the remaining two autocrosses for Redwood will take place as planned: October 11 at Thunderhill (Zone weekend with SVR) and November 22 at the Paddock at Sonoma Raceway, as my AX co-director Drew Powers and I look forward to hosting these events in 2020. 

That’s not to say there isn’t the possibility of another Zoom meeting in our future – we’ll keep you posted if one gets scheduled. Until then, stay well and fingers crossed for October and November. 
Firestorm Story
Jerry Gladstone
Redwood Region Treasurer

I n the early morning hours of Monday, October 9, 2017, in total darkness, I heard loud banging outside at the rear of my house. Grabbing an exceptionally large flashlight, I went outside to investigate as the sound was much more intense than tree branches hitting the house. As we lived on a golf course, we had a large net to protect us from errant golf balls. The net was loose, flopping and banging around violently in the wind. The wind, which I later learned exceeded 70 mph, had ripped the lower restraints out of the ground – even the secondary restraints had snapped. It was very smoky; I could not see across the fairway to the houses on the other side. Bending down to grab the tie-downs, I turned to my left and looked northward. The ridge was on fire and large flaming embers were beginning to fly by at great velocity – it was like being in a blowtorch. Running inside I woke my wife by shining the powerful flashlight in her face. She protested “stop fooling around”, I yelled grab a few things and we are out of here in 10 minutes.

As she gathered some photo albums and a couple of articles of clothing, I ran next door to make sure my elderly neighbors were awake. His son, who lives in the neighborhood came by and saw to his evacuation. Time for us to leave! My wife did not want to get separated with all the confusion, we opted to take our SUV and leave the Porsche and Honda behind.

We made our way to a hilltop on the south side of town. The view was frightening as we could see both the Santa Rosa (Tubbs fire) and Sonoma (Atlas fire) fires burning brightly. We then traveled to Rohnert Park to find shelter for the night. Though there is a lot more story to tell, that tale is for another time. 

When we returned to the site of our former home a week later, we found it burned to the ground! The remaining ash and other debris were no higher than the stem walls. The burned hulk of my concours-winning 993 and Marcia’s Honda were visible above the ashes and the most significant features. 

My treasured 993, which I had purchased new, was no more. It burned completely inside and out. The shell was still recognizable though the sheet metal burned through in spots; the engine and wheels melted; the tires were gone save the steel cords. The pictures tell the story better than I can. The first picture shows the car as it rested after the fire. (The tagging identifies the car for the salvage company.) The gigantic “Cats” used by the debris removal contractors to clear the site of debris made short work of the 993 twisting it and laying it to rest on its side. Picture 2 is the right front fender. Picture 3 is the underside of the rear showing the aluminum slag pile that once was an air-cooled flat 6. Picture 4 is what is left of the transmission after the case melted away. The last picture is all that I have left of my Arctic Silver 993 coupe – a burned out hood crest.

Fortunately, my Porsche was well insured with an agreed-value policy, it provided enough money to buy a new car.  I could not bear to replace the 993 with another 911, nor with any other silver Porsche. A 2019 718 Boxster S in Agate Grey Metallic now resides in the garage of our replacement home.
My tragically destroyed Porsche 993
The right front fender after the “Cat” moved the wreckage
Chassis flipped over showing the slag that was the engine
The transmission case melted, but not the steel gears
The hood crest burned, but recovered 
The new 2019 718 Boxster S
Sheltering In Place
Craig Steele
Past Redwood Region President 2017-2018
I just got off our first Redwood PCA Zoom meeting, a first for this board. We had eleven members; several I rarely see at monthly gathering at Novato Mary’s Pizza. We were asked to write some content and possible about why you have the Porsche you have. I have had three Porsches since joining the PCA in December 2009. Sandy, my wife and I started out with 1999 red 911 Cabriolet, we loved our touring adventures and club breakfast runs. Then on May 2014, I sold the 911 and purchased my 2006 black Cayman S. I loved that car and for 3-1/2 years drove it on all kinds of adventures: auto crossing, winery tours, two Porsche Parade (Indiana and Vermont) and a coast-to-coast trek following the Lincoln highway from New York City’s Time Square to San Francisco’s Legion of Honor. On October 9 th , that car was destroyed in the Tubbs Wildfire. I was president of the Redwood Region at the time and needed a Porsche replacement. I wanted another Cayman S only newer. I loved the body style, so I started looking for 2012’s or older Cayman S’s. I wanted a manual transmission and white. Needless to say, that’s not an easy list of items to match. My son spotted a Cayman S listed on Craig’s List LA that fit my requirements, 2011, White Cayman S, 6-speed, performance and design packages, one owner, 55281 miles, $35K... SOLD. I never saw the car, I just had a PPI done on it, needed new tires and brakes, rest of car was in great shape. That’s how I got my current Cayman S. When I drove, it’s new home in January 2018 and wanted to introduce it to my former Cayman S, just before it’s transition. It was a very emotional moment to see the two Porsches
January 2018, the Cayman S’s share a moment the 2006 journey to the recycle yard
Now it’s two year, seven months later, and I have done a lot of cool adventures in my white Cayman S. However, one thing that has escape her, having a garage to park inside. Currently, the Steele’s are rebuilding their home, it is a Santa Fe Forever Home with garage area for 3-4 autos with a lift to work on the underneath of my Porsche. The foundation and slab floor are poured with the grey water capture drains installed, the rest of the house being constructed in two phases; ADU (granny unit) and the main house. The Cayman S is an outdoor gator, so being an indoors will take some adjustment.
May 2020, shows the progress of our concrete ICF home with a roof deck almost ready to pour
Board Meeting Minutes
Alan Geddes
Redwood Region Secretary

Our board meetings are on the last Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm. The next board meeting is May 26th and will be held virtually. Please visit the Redwood Website for login details. All members are welcome to attend. 

You can read previous board meeting minutes   here
Membership Report & Information
Tom Short
Membership Director

Note from the Membership Director

In April 2020, 34 PCA Redwood Region members marked five or more years in the club, including Robert Sachs, who marked his 60-year anniversary! In addition to this remarkable achievement, we had one member who marked their 45 th  anniversary, two more with over 30 years in our club, and five who have been members for over 20 years. Congratulations to all of you for such long-term loyalty and thank you to all of you who are marking anniversaries – I hope you are enjoying your membership and taking advantage of all the great benefits our club has to offer! 
In April we welcomed three new members. You will be receiving a complimentary Redwood Region name badge shortly. Check out our website for upcoming autocross events. Also, you can order a name badge for your associate member there as well. 
Regarding our events considering the COVID-19 Virus, the health and safety of our members and fellow car enthusiasts is of utmost importance to the Redwood Region and the broader Porsche Club of America. Considering the state-wide stay-at-home order that was issued to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus through unnecessary social contact, we have responded by keeping our calendar clear of all club events. We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates as and when the shelter-in-place orders have been lifted and we’re able to resume club activities. 
I encourage everyone to check out the calendar on our freshly redesigned sign up for upcoming events events once we have received the “all clear” from the California Department of Health and Human Services. Our events are a great way to meet other PCA members and have some fun with great people and our amazing cars. In the mean time, we wish you and your families and friends well during these extraordinary times. Stay healthy. 
If you spot any errors or have any questions about membership please feel free to email me at
Tom Short

der Marktplatz
PCA Panorama Magazines

I have 40 years of Porsche Panorama magazines that I would like to give to a good home. Cleaning out my office and didn't want to throw these away. Hate to put them in the recycling bin. 

If anyone is interested give me a call - Don Canardo 707-291-6321
I have for sale a 1988 factory slant-nose code M505 Turbo 930S Porsche: 24,100 original miles from new; Cassis Red Metallic Exterior/Burgundy Leather Interior. Have all original tools, equipment, books and maintenance receipts; Always garaged and covered; I have owned for about 11 years. Near flawless original interior/exterior. Runs near perfect. Has exclusive options package. Asking $180,000. 

Brian Barber
(707) 548-9972 
2004 Porsche Boxster S
105k miles. Tiptronic. Meticulously maintained. IMS bearing replaced June 2017. Recent work includes complete front brake service (new pads, rotors and fluid replacement), left front control arms & tie rod, new rear tie rods, new water pump, replaced both window regulators, 6 new ignition coils, new front struts, new CV boots. Alpine iLX Carplay installed, (original radio will be included). Overall great condition. $9,500


Set of OEM GT4 wheels, including TPMS and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. Rims are in great condition. Asking $3,800.00 - Email me with questions. Pete Ritter @ Email Pete
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