An extraordinary invitation to join

Over the last few weeks L’BRI Consultants have been a bright light. You’ve really demonstrated how much you enjoy helping others. We see you cheering each other on and offering a hand whenever you can.
With record-breaking anniversary sales and strong sponsoring growth, L’BRI Consultants are quickly adapting and finding creative ways to do business and stay in touch with customers.
We are proud of your efforts and want to give you the support you need! 
Tomorrow we’ll be helping you spread the word about our Virtual Consultant offer on social media and with an email encouraging your customers to consider if they or someone they know would benefit from joining L’BRI.
Anyone who wants to join our L’BRI family should have the opportunity to do so.
 We hope this offer helps you share the L’BRI opportunity with those you know. Help them see how much they are going to LOVE working from home and being able to earn income right away. 
Virtual Consultant offer available through April 30
$1 never unlocked so much! Virtual Consultants gain access to our online tools, including a personal website and Business Center. No starter kit is needed to join as a Virtual Consultant PLUS we will send out 5 sample sets for them to help them get started building conversations with their new customers.

You can invite up to 5 new Virtual Consultants to join your team. Of course, you may sponsor an unlimited number of Consultants who order Starter Kits!

Be sure to mention to every new Consultant that they will still pay their $7.95 monthly web services fee and maintain their account with an active credit card or bank account. This will be charged after one month, so their first 30 days are free .

Together, our L’BRI community can offer a light in an uncertain time and help support the dreams of those who aren't willing to give up.
Open the door to a virtual opportunity
and supportive community!